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Signatures of Rudolf and Elsa Schaefer Laemmlen

Here are some signatures of my grandparents, Rudolf Laemmlen and Elsa Schaefer Laemmlen.  In English, the ä (a umlaut) becomes ae, and the double m is often written as a single m with a line over it signifying it is doubled.

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Archibald Robert Anderson b. 23 February 1868, married Ida Roxana Bushman

Utah Since Statehood Archibald R. Anderson, of , is the owner of an excellent property devoted to hay and pasture, and the place is well equipped according to modern standards of agricultural life. He was born February 23, 1868, in … Continue reading

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Estella Holt Smith b. 1872, d. 22 Feb 1942

As I’ve been looking through my family history records, and doing a bit of research, I came across these photos of Estella Holt “Stella,” daughter of William Alma Pain Holt and Sarah Wardle.  William and Mary Ann Pain Holt were … Continue reading

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Christof Wilhelm Schaefer b. 20 Feb 1846, Grossgartach, Germany

Today is the birth day of my Great-Grandfather Christof Wilhelm Schaefer.  Below is the Schaefer family home in Grossgartach where they lived and below are photos I took of their home when I visited in 2003.    Christof was a sculptor … Continue reading

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Remembering Ruby, d. 19 Feb 1959

This is my grandmother.  She died in 1959 when I was 2 weeks old. Mary Roberts’ Memory of Ruby Grace Lundquist Smuin My mother’s sister Marilyn wrote to her Aunt Mary Roberts asking what she remembered about my grandmother Ruby. Mary … Continue reading

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Remembering Bonny Lassen d. 17 Feb 1999

These comments were posted today on Instagram.  I had to capture them as we remember my husband’s sister, Bonny Dean Lewis Lassen who left us on this day 18 years ago. From her daughter, Chrissy: Feb. 17th……Today marks 18 years … Continue reading

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Rudolf Laemmlen b. 15 Feb 1928 Grossgartach, d. 6 June 2015 Schwaigern

These are my relatives in Grossgartach, Germany:  Martin Lämmlen, his father, Helmut Lämmlen, and Rudolf Lämmlen.  Helmut and Rudolf are my father’s first cousins. Rudolf was born on this day in 1928.  He departed this life 6 June 2015 at age … Continue reading

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