Rudolf Laemmlen b. 15 Feb 1928 Grossgartach, d. 6 June 2015 Schwaigern

grossgartach-2009-168These are my relatives in Grossgartach, Germany:  Martin Lämmlen, his father, Helmut Lämmlen, and Rudolf Lämmlen.  Helmut and Rudolf are my father’s first cousins. Rudolf was born on this day in 1928.  He departed this life 6 June 2015 at age 87.  He was a gentle and kind man.  When he was born, the doctor thought he was stillborn and used forceps to deliver him.  Rudolf lived, but tragically, suffered brain damage and was handicapped the rest of his long life.

Rudolf’s only sibling, a brother named Kurt, died in 1972 when he was injured when the tongue of a hay wagon hit him in a farm accident and ruptured his intestine.  Gangrene set in before the doctors could save him. He was only 48 years old.   Kurt’s wife, Hilde looked after Rudolf until she was placed in a care center a few years ago.  Rudolf and Hilde lived in the old farm home where my grandfather, also named Rudolf, was raised.  We visited there in 2009 when these photos were taken.

Rudolf was a happy fellow, who kept things neat and tidy.  He loved to cut wood and stack it in picture perfect piles, organized by size.  The old farm house faced the main street and the farm animals lived in the barn yard just behind the home.  Here are some photos I took of this ancestral home in 2009:Grossgartach 2009 171Grossgartach 2009 172

Here is the news of his death that came from our family in Grossgartach 7 June 2015:

Dear Laemmlen Family,
we hope you are fine. Sorry it’s taken us so long to write. Unfortunately we write for a sad reason today.

Our dear Cousin Rudolf passed away peacefully on Saturday morning, June 6, at a Nursing Home in Schwaigern. He lived there in a caring community for more than five years. When we last saw him – about 8 weeks ago – he was weak, and I don’t know, if he recognised us.

Rudolf was a good, a very gentle person. Born 1928, for life he suffered from a mental handicap caused by a tragical doctor’s mistake at birth.

Funeral service will be held this week.

Please, give this message to each family member who knew Rudolf.

Best wishes & love
Helmut, Maria and EllyGrossgartach 2009 174Grossgartach 2009 144Grossgartach 2009 146Grossgartach 2009 147Grossgartach 2009 148Grossgartach 2009 149Grossgartach 2009 150Grossgartach 2009 152   Grossgartach 2009 173Grossgartach 2009 129Grossgartach 2009 132Grossgartach 2009 133Grossgartach 2009 136Grossgartach 2009 137

Grossgartach 2009 157    Grossgartach 2009 160    Grossgartach 2009 175

These next photos are inside Grandpa’s home:Grossgartach 2009 138Grossgartach 2009 139Grossgartach 2009 140Grossgartach 2009 141Grossgartach 2009 142Grossgartach 2009 143Grossgartach 2009 155Grossgartach 2009 153

Here I am visiting my Tante Hilde after she moved to the care center.Grossgartach--Helmut's, relatives (3)

And here is Kurt and Hilde’s oldest son, Bernd with his wife, Petra and their son, Sascha.Grossgartach--Helmut's, relatives (4)

I love my German family and miss them.  Today I mourn Rudolf’s departure with them.

Here is a photo of this ancestral home taken in 1913 when Grandpa was 14 years old.  he is peering out the front window:

Laemmlen, Rudolf Home 1913

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