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  1. Annette Schukraft says:

    Dear Ann,
    my name is Annette Schukraft, née Hodel and I’m going to turn 50 at the end of the month. Just like you, I’m doing a little ancestry research and while looking for hints of my great-great-grandfather Johann-Leohnhard Schott, I’ve just discovered your blog. Now I’m very excited because I’ve found out that we have the same ancestors and so are related somehow. I’m a descendant of J.-L. Schott and his second wife Eva Jakobina Allinger. Johann Dietrich Schott, a son of these two, is my great-grandfather.
    Part of my family still lives in Großgartach and me myself I was raised there. Me and my siblings were baptised in the evangelical Lorenz-Kirche (church) in Großgartach at that same fond that’s on your photo.
    My parents have been sacristans in the Lorenz-Kirche for a long time, that’s why I have a special relation to the church, which stands in my hometown. It filled me with joy seeing all these beautiful old pictures of Großgartach. Due to the fact that many of my ancestors were winegrowers, also my parents, I love the landscape of the vinyards at the ‘Heuchelberg’ and therefore we’re often going hiking there (we live nearby in a little town called ‘Schwaigern’).
    You look very nice and I would love to hear from you!
    Here’s my e-mail address: aschukraft@web.de
    Best wishes,

  2. Krisi Summers says:

    Hello Ann,
    I am making a documentary about the first three generations of Bushman’s in America for the Bushman Family Reunion this August. Could I have your permission to use the words you’ve written about Abraham & Esther, Martin & Elizabeth, and the descriptions you written about the areas where they lived? I am writing a script with narration to this documentary, and the information you’ve included here is very helpful. Please let me know. Also, if you have an higher resolution images of the places where they lived and any other photographs that would apply—than what you have on this blog that I could use, that would be extremely helpful. Please contact me at krisi10@gmail.com. Thank you! —Krisi Summers

    • Of course you can use anything I’ve posted. We are in the final days of our mission in Yakima, and pretty swamped, so I don’t know how quickly I can find a moment to look for anything else I have, but I’ll try!

  3. Craig Brimhall says:

    Hello Ann,

    Thank you for posting about the Turley Family history and about the Boy’s and Girl’s Sundown Ranch. I’m the Grandson of Alma Bigler and was glad to learn of the Ranch’s history. I served over 22 years in the Air Force and I am especially interested in more information about Grant Turley and his service in the Army Air Corp during WW2.


  4. Stacy Banks says:

    Hello! This is wonderful information! Is there a way to get a copy of the packet of the Bushman Reunion at Nauvoo?

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