Elwin Ewing Bushman b. 17 Jan 1918 and Genevieve Tanner b. 11 Jan 1918

Bushman, Elwin E. and Genevieve Tanner m. 1939 cakeBushman, Elwin E. and Genevieve Tanner m. 1939

From Unflinching Courage, by Adele Bushman Westover and J. Morris Richards, pp. 91-93.

Elwin Ewing Bushman and Genevieve Tanner

Elwin Bushman was born Jan. 17, who were among the original settlers of 1918 in Joseph City, Arizona. He is the son of Alonzo E. Bushman and Edith Smith and a grandson of John Bushman and Lois A. Smith Bushman this community. When he was very small his family moved to Mesa, Arizona where they lived for a short time. He attended school in Joseph City and graduated from the Holbrook High School in May 1935.

He worked for Smith-Heywood for some time and then quit to help his father in the trucking business.

On May 18, 1937 he left for a mission to the Eastern States mission of the church. He was made district president in the Erie District in November 1938. He was released July 24, 1939.
Elwin was married to Genevieve Tanner Oct. 4, 1939 in Salt Lake City. They established a home in Joseph City for a short time and then moved to Globe, Arizona where he was employed.

The family moved back to Joseph City in December 1941 and built a nice home and have lived here since that time. Elwin went into business for himself in the trucking business, hauling coal and feeds from Phoenix Flour mills to Joseph City. He is presently employed by Whiting Brothers in the gas business.

He has held many positions in the church including President of M.I.A., counselor in the Bishopric, high council and is now President of the Snowflake Stake Mission.

Genevieve Tanner was born Jan. 11, 1918 at Joseph City, Arizona. She is the daughter of Arthur Tanner and Roberta Turley and a granddaughter of Henry M. Tanner and Eliza Parkinson Tanner who were Joseph City pioneers.

She attended school in Joseph City and graduated from the Holbrook High School in May 1935. She worked in Holbrook for about two years. On April 26, 1937 she left for a mission to the Texas Mission. She was assigned to Houston, Texas, where she worked in the office there for six months. She spent some time in San Antonio, Texas and in Alexander, La. She was released Nov. 28, 1938 after 20 months in the mission field. She again worked in Holbrook and then took a trip back east to see the Pageant at the Hill Cumorah, and the world fair in New York.

Oct. 4, 1939 she married Elwin Ewing Bushman in Salt Lake City, Utah. They have eight children. The two oldest boys are now on missions for the church. She has been very active in the church holding many positions in the organizations of the church.

Bushman, Elwin E. and Genieve


Floyd Elwin Bushman
John Darrel l Bushman
Laree Bushman
Arthu r Vern Bushman
Blain e J. Bushman
Jeffre y Alonzo Bushman
Maylene Bushman
Nyla Bushman

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Martha Spencer Bushman, Ranching in Garfield County

Bushman, Martha Spencer b. 1876

Mrs. Martha Spencer Bushman

Heart Throbs of the West, Kate B. Carter, Vol.12, p.265

Escalante–One of the earliest pioneers was Philo Allen, Sr., who operated a ranch and dairy in upper Potato Valley in 1876. He came to Escalante in 1875 and brought the first cattle into the valley. He built a log cabin in Main Canyon and grazed his cattle there the first summer as the grass was knee high. The Indians claimed this land, so he bought the feed from them by giving the Indians the pick of his herd. They took the best heifer he had in his herd, killed, roasted and ate every morsel of her before they left.

Mr. Allen then moved to upper Potato Valley and built a house by hand of hewn logs. Here his wife made cheese and barrels of butter for winter use, and to trade to the Z. C. M. I. for bolts of cloth and family supplies for the coming year.

The Allen Ranch has been handed down from father to son, until it now belongs to a grandson of Philo Allen, Sr. Jennings Allen and his wife, Mildred, now own the ranch; and, although they do not do any dairying, they raise some of the finest potatoes in the valley. Other ranchers were William Cottam, Sr., Joseph H. Spencer, William Alvey, Lacey Laramie, John Heaps and Henry Heaps, Sr. The story is told of the wife of William Cottam, that she lived at their ranch for five years without coming to town. Rufus Liston and family were also ranchers in upper Potato Valley.

The Joseph H. Spencer Ranch was located three miles from the Alvey ranch. An older daughter, Martha Spencer Bushman, was left in charge of the ranch for two years. She had many trying experiences with the Indians.


Martha is the daughter of Martin Benjamin Bushman and Lucinda Ladelia Goodwin.  She was born 16 January 1876 in Panguitch, Garfield, Utah.  She died 3 November 1952 in Escalante, Garfield, Utah.

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Happy Birthday, Grace Helen Smuin Laemmlen! b. 14 January 1930, Glendale, CA

Today is my mother’s birthday.  I hope she’s having a party somewhere, celebrating the time she had here on earth!

smuin, grace 2

smuin, grace helen ca birth index 1930

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Leo Fox Sabey b. 13 January 1913, Lehi

Sabey, Leo Fox b. 1913

Bushman Family History by Newbern I. Butt, p. 37 (published 1956)
Residence: West Jordan and Midvale, Utah. He is a graduate of Jordan High School. He is a Sugar Warehouse foreman for Utah Idaho Sugar Co. Has been Supt. of Jr. SS; West Jordan, and is now Assist. Supt. of West Jordan Sunday School; active in Elder’s Quorum.

The Theodore Turley Family Book, p. 484  (published 1978)
Leo was born in Lehi, Utah to John and Ida Fox Sabey on January 13, 1913. His family moved to West Jordan when he was four years old. He married Norma Vea Oviatt August 1, 1941. Norma was born Sept 21, 1916 in Elmo, Utah to Dee and Lillian Irene Erickson Oviatt. Their marriage was solemnized in the Salt Lake Temple May 7, 1954. Leo has been a counselor in YWMIA and in the Sunday School presidency, a member of the Elders Quorum presidency and secretary to the Elders Quorum, ward teacher supervisor and home teacher.

Children of Leo and Norma Sabey:

Richard Dee, born August 3, 1942; married Kittie Lee Densley September 28, 1962. They had three children: Jamie Lynn, born March 13, 1963; Richard Earl, born March 5, 1064; Lyndee Lee, born March 12, 1965. They were later divorced. Richard married Linda Kay Pappas October 12, 1968. She had one child, Danielle, born June 1, 1968, who Richard adopted. Richard and Linda have a son, Casey Dee, born February 2, 1970.

Vea Arlene, born March 13, 1946; married Raymond Conrad Valdez September 24, 1965. They have two children: Victoria Vea, born Oct. 12, 1966 and Benjamin Conrad, born Aug. 2, 1970.

Patricia Sabey, born 28 June 1948, Murray, Utah.



Leo Fox Sabey, age 80, our beloved husband, father, and grandfather, passed away October 18, 1993.

Born Jan. 13, 1913 in Lehi, Utah to John Richard and Ida Fox Sabey. Married Norma Vea Oviatt, Aug. 1, 1941 in West Jordan. Later solemnized in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. He was active in the LDS Church; member of the West Jordan Lion’s Club; and employed by Utah-Idaho Sugar Co. for over 40 years, retiring in 1978.Survived by his wife; son, Richard and Linda Sabey, Lehi; two daughters, Arlene and Ray Valdez, and Patricia Sabey, all Midvale; eight grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; two sisters, Mary Mortensen, Idaho Falls, Idaho and Phyllis Jacobs, Midvale. Preceded in death by two brothers and one sister.

Funeral services will be held Friday, Oct. 22, 1993, at 11 a.m. in the Midvale East Stake Center, 240 East 7570 South. Friends may call Thursday 6-8 p.m. at the Larkin Sunset Gardens Mortuary, 10600 South 1700 East, Sandy and Friday 9:45-10:45 a.m. at the Stake Center. Interment Larkin Sunset Gardens.

N 10/19 T 10/20

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Genevieve Tanner Bushman b. 11 January 1918, Snowflake, AZ

The Theodore Turley Family Book, pp. 137-138
Genevieve Tanner Bushman (daughter of Roberta Turley)

Genevieve Tanner was born January 11, 1918 at the old Tanner homestead about 1 ½ miles out of Joseph City. The family lived in Chino Valley and Joseph City when she was little. The last two years of high school she rode the bus to Holbrook each day. She graduated in May, 1935 and then worked in Holbrook until April, 1937 when she was called as a missionary by President Grant. She went to Texas and Louisiana under President Elray L. Christiansen.

At the same time her boyfriend, Elwin Ewing Bushman, son of Alonzo E. and Edith Smith Bushman, was called to the Eastern States on a mission. After completing her mission and returning to Joseph City, she accompanied the A. E. Bushman family back East to pick up Elwin who had been involved in the Hill Cumorah pageant three times while on his mission.

On October 4, 1939 Genevieve was married to Elwin in the Salt Lake Temple by Nicholas G. Smith. Both of their mothers accompanied them to Salt Lake. Elwin and Genevieve bought Grandfather Tanner’s house in Joseph City. They lived there about a year until Elwin was transferred to Globe to drive the Smith-Heywood bus between Globe and Holbrook. Their first child, Floyd Elwyn was born in Globe, August 6, 1941.

In December, 1942 the Bushmans moved back to Joseph City where the rest of their children were born: John Darrell, Laree, Arthur Vern, Blaine Jay, Jeffrey Alonzo, Maylene, and Nyla.Elwin worked for Smith-Heywood for some time. He also has had his own businesses for many years, including hauling fuel oil, hauling coal, and hauling feed. He has also worked for Whiting Brothers Transportation Company driving a gas truck.

In 1951 Elwin began building a new home for his family using materials from their old house and from as far away as Arkansas. There were many hardships as the family moved from the old house to the new but these were outweighed by the happiness of moving into a new home with basement and furnace in 1952.

Both Elwin and Genevieve have served long in the Church; she in various positions including Stake Primary President and he in the Bishopric for 11 years, the High Council, and as Snowflake Stake Mission President.

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The Sarah Ann Bushman Rhodes home in Lehi

Sarah Ann Bushman Rhodes is the sister of my 2nd Great-grandpa, Jacob Bushman.  She was born 9 January 1833 in Strasburg, Lancaster County, PA

Bushman Family History by Newbern I. Butt, p. 54
Her husband provided her with a separate home south of Lehi, but they were later forced by danger from Indians to move inside the Fort in a house which was part of the East Wall. After the danger was over, she lived in two other adobe homes built by her husband, the second one East of Lehi where she could help raise her own garden, fruit and livestock for a family of 12. She was a widow for twelve years, and at her death, June 18, 1917, she had 80 grandchildren, 112 great grandchildren and 2 great-great grandchildren.

Here are some photos and information about her homes in Lehi, Utah.


From Wayne, Clark, Lehi Historian:

EARLIEST SETTLERS IN THE LEHI CITY FORT: Block 8(26). Lot 1. Alonzo Donnell Rhodes (1824-1893) of Trumbull County, Ohio, received the Mayor’s deed for Lot 1 on Block 8(26) in 1871. A home at 14 West, 200 South is on the site today. In the 1860 Census Rhodes was in dwelling 3480 with one of his wives, Sarah Ann Bushman Rhodes (1833-1917), on the site of the home that stands today at 90 South, 100 West. That was the site of the $200.00 house on his 1857 consecration deed. He appears to have been on the 14 West, 200 South home site, dwelling 151, with Sarah and children in the 1870 Census, and with Sarah and two other wives Barbara Ellen Kearns Rhodes (1824-1915) and Sarah Jane Lawrence Rhodes (1835-1908) and children in dwelling 177, dwelling 178 and dwelling 179 in the 1880 Census. It’s not clear who, if anyone, was on lot 1 of Block 8(26) in 1860.

I have received this from Dixie Aberle Grace, the current owner of the house at 14 West, 200 South:   I am the great-great grand-daughter of Alonzo Donnell Rhodes and Barbara Kearns Rhodes. The picture of the home with 2nd wife of Alonzo stranding in front of it, is the same exact home that is stranding there today. The home at the time of that picture had an address of 190 South Center. That door on center was closed off and the address became 14 W 200 So. I own the home and my grandchildren that live in that home are the seventh generation of my family that has lived in that home.

Rhodes, Sarah Ann Bushman home, Lehi

Here are some photos I took of Sarah’s home several years ago;2018-01-22_093824Rhodes, Sarah Bushman home 5th W. abt 700 So.

Comments from others about the Bushman/Rhodes home:

Lena Pennington I was born and raised my first 3 years of my life in this house where my Grandparents lived. My Mom Dad Sister and I lived here.

Paul Barnes This was my great great grandfather. He was the first sheriff of Lehi and quite the fiddle player. Helped to rescue the Willy-Martin handcart companies. The early settlers of Lehi gave us a lot to live up to!


Wayne Clark Here’s another photograph of the house from Dixie Aberle Grace. She identifies it as the 14 West, 200 South home with Alonzo’s daughter, Adeline, and her children in front. Adeline was Dixies great-grandmother. She reports that her parents were dedicated story tellers of our ancestors.


The Alonzo Donnell Rhodes and Sarah Ann Bushman Family:

Rhodes, Martin, John Franklin, Marcellus, front Alonzo, Sarah Ann BushmanRhodes, Sarah Ann Bushman

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Sarah Ann Bushman Rhodes, b. 9 January 1833 in Strasburg, Lancaster Co., PA

Sarah Ann Bushman was the 4th child of Martin and Elizabeth Degen Bushman.  Her first two siblings died before she was born.  Of her mother’s ten children, only five would grow to adulthood.

Sarah was born in Strasburg, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on 9 January in 1833.  Her family joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1840 and moved to Nauvoo when she was nine years old.

Rhodes, Sarah Ann Bushman

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Mennonite Vital Records, 1750-2014:

lancaster co. birth records, bushman familylancaster co. birth records, bushman family.1

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