John Bushman – A Servant to All

Bushman, John portrait, Logan UT

This a story taken from Jacob Virgil’s journal dated January 1922. It states,

“One of these cold nights at about 2:00 a.m. there came a knock on our door. I got up and let a young man in who said his father, Joe Barnes, had died. He wanted to know if Uncle John Bushman (my father) would come wash and lay him out. I said, ‘why father is 80 years old. Can’t you get some younger person to do that for you?’ but he said, ‘I have asked two or three others to do it, but they all have some excuse or other. I knew Uncle John wouldn’t turn us down. So I said, ‘I don’t know. I will go to his room and talk to him.’ I told Father what they wanted and told him it was out of reason for them to ask an old man like him to get up at 2:00 a.m. and walk five or six blocks in bitter cold weather 16 below zero to do this job when there was a town full of younger people who could just as well do it. But Father never hesitated a minute. He was dressing while I was talking.

Then he said to me wouldn’t you like to go with me and I will show you how to wash dress and lay out a dead person. Well of course I wouldn’t be out done by my aged Father. So, readily accepted his request. I told the young man we were coming over and he went home. As we walked over that night in the snow & bitter cold Father told me he was thankful that he had never refused in his life any call that was made of him either night or day to help his fellow man. Well, our hearts were warm and burned within us so we didn’t notice the cold. We soon did the job and by 4 a.m. Father’s old friend was all fixed up & laid out and that night I learned two valuable lessons that I have never forgotten. One, to be able to lay out the dead but the greatest lesson to never refuse if possible a request to help my fellow man. Then as I looked back on Father’s life as I knew it and I remembered he gave his whole life in public service to the living and was now for the past 7 years giving his services to the dead in the Salt Lake Temple.”
– Jacob Virgil Bushman Journal, Jan. 1922, pgs 65-67.

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Frank “Wayne” Bushman 1918 ~ 2016 Obituary

Bushman, Wayne with Marilyn and husband 2016

Wayne Bushman with Marilyn and her husband 2016

F. Wayne Bushman 1918 ~ 2016  Obituary
F. Wayne Bushman, beloved husband, father, and grandfather, passed away from gastric cancer on Thursday, January 7, 2016, at his home in Payson, Utah. He was 97.

He was born May 13, 1918 to John Martin Bushman and Elfreda (Effie) Farquharson in Lehi, Utah, where he attended schools and graduated with the Lehi High class of 1936. He served as a missionary in the Texas Louisiana Mission. He worked as a dairy farmer for over 55 years. On Oct. 2, 1941 he married Shirley Tobler in the Salt Lake Temple. He and Shirley lived in Lehi where six of their seven children were born, until they relocated to a larger farm in West Mountain, Utah. After retiring from farming, he and Shirley built a home in Payson.

Wayne served faithfully in numerous church callings including stake missionary, bishop of the Lehi First Ward, and counselor in the Nebo Stake Presidency. He enjoyed working in the Provo and Payson Temples until shortly before his death. Shirley died in 2004, and Wayne was a gentle and loving nurse to her during her final years. He was known for planting a large garden and bottling his harvest. He retained an optimistic attitude and love of work and life until the end. He loved his family dearly.

Wayne leaves a large posterity who all adored him, including Eileen (Calvin Urry), Lehi; Marilyn (Blaine Carlton), Draper; Ken (Linda Watson), St. George; Carole (Arv Richards), Lehi; Janice (Jay Hathaway), Mona; Neil (Christa Wignall), Payson; and JaLaine (Doug Sievers), Madison, WI; 38 grandchildren; 94 great grandchildren; and three great-great grandchildren. He is preceded in death by his wife, one great granddaughter, and his parents, and siblings: Lloyd, Ilah Hadfield, Keith, and Ludene Peterson.

Funeral services will be held at 11:00 a.m., Friday, Jan. 15, at the Payson 16th Ward, 650 West 800 South, Payson. Viewing is Thursday at the church from 6-8:00 p.m. and from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. before the services. Burial in Lehi City Cemetery. Online guest book at

Published in Deseret News on Jan. 10, 2016

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Emanuel Richard Lundquist and Grace Honor Bushman Marry 6 January 1892 in Thistle, Utah

Lundquist, Emanuel Richard Bushman, Grace Honor

My Great-grandparents, Emanuel Richard Lundquist and Grace Honor Bushman were married on this day in Thistle, Utah.

From Emanuel Richard’s autobiography:

While being engaged in the mercantile business for some 15 months at Thistle, I lost all, and more, that I had previously gained by working myself in debt hundreds of dollars through thoughtless and unprofitable investments, and also aiming to help others who by carelessness and wreckless neglect have been overcome and failed in business. I, however, gained a great deal of valuable experience which I could not have obtained through any other source.

It was during this stay at Thistle I met a young lady from Fairview, Utah, then named Grace Bushman, who later became my first wife. Many months later we were married at Salt Lake, the 6th day of January, 1892, Justice Greenman performing the ceremony. Five years later, however, we were sealed and received endowments in the Salt Lake Temple, June 24, 1897. As far as my observation is concerned we must have been well matched, as we have been well satisfied and contented with our union so far. Our four children, three boys and one girl have been very healthy and bright as we have been successful in raising them. [This part must have been written before 1902, as 4 more children were born into this family.]


Thistle Utah by Genevieve Atwood

Thistle became an important junction on the railroad with the 1890 completion of a branch line south through Sanpete Valley. When the Utah Railway Company began to construct its own line in 1912, a second set of tracks up Spanish Fork Canyon to Helper, the D&RGW contracted to maintain the tracks for joint use and to maintain the Marysvale line. Ninety years later, because the Thistle landslide buried the exact junction and joint tracks, the two companies fought out legal responsibilities and insurance claims in the courts.

The town of Thistle expanded and contracted with the fortunes of the railroad. The town saw its heyday in the early 1900s. Six hundred residents lived in Thistle in 1917. Changing economics and technologies reduced the need for an active rail town with its large depot, water and coal supplies, roundhouse, and supporting stores, post office, schoolhouses, and saloon. The depot was torn down in 1972. Shops closed, and even the post office closed in 1974. A few families stayed; others moved in. In March 1983, fifty residents in a dozen houses claimed the town of Thistle as their home.

Here are a few photos of Thistle from years gone by:

junction house at thistle

The Junction House at Thistle


Thistle, Utah


Thistle, Utah


The Thistle Schoolhouse


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Earl Kimberley Sabey b. 4 Jan 1911, Lehi

Sabey, Earl Kimberley b. 1911

Bushman Family History by Newbern I. Butt, p. 36 (published 1956)
Residence: Midvale, Utah. Grad. of Jordan High School and LDS Business College. He was forman of the Utah Idaho Sugar Co. and is now Assistant purchasing agent. He has been supervisor of Deacon’s Quorum; ward teacher, and is active in the Seventies Quorum.
The Theodore Turley Family Book, p. 484  (published 1978)
Earl Kimberley Sabey was born January 4, 1911 in Lehi. He graduated from Jordan High School and then worked for Utah-Idaho Sugar Co. until the time of his death. He was very active in the Church with his talents centered around young men: basketball coach, boy scouts, Deacons advisor, general secretary of the Aaronic Priesthood. He was also active in his Seventies Quorum.

He married Viola Madsen, daughter of Christina Nuttall and Parley William Madsen, on May 20, 1938 in the Salt Lake Temple. She was born August 26, 1915 in Provo, Utah. Earl died January 28, 1959 in Salt Lake City after a short illness.

Children of Earl and Viola Sabey:

Marilyn Sabey, born April 16, 1943; married Dee Merlen Wilson, October 20, 1964 in the Salt Lake Temple. They are the parents of four children: Heidie Lynnae, Wendee Dianne, Michelle Andrea, and Matthew Dee Wilson.

Diane Sabey, born April 22, 1945; married Wayne Allen Ross March 18, 1966 in the Salt Lake Temple. They are the parents of two children: Kimberly Gae and Kevin Allen Ross.

John Richard Sabey, born August 16, 1947; married Beverly Anne Swenson March 2, 1973 in the Salt Lake Temple. Their child: Teresa Viola Sabey, born July 11, 1974.

Donald Earl Sabey, born July 28, 1951; married Ginger Ruth Eckman August 21, 1972. Ginger was born October 12, 1952 in Salt Lake City.

Sabey, Earl Kimberley death cert 1959

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Jacob Virgil Bushman, b. 4 January 1889, St. Joseph, Arizona

Bushman, Jacob Virgil b. 1889

From Unflinching Courage, by Adele Bushman Westover and J. Morris Richards, p. 101-102

Jacob Virgil Bushman J. Virgil Bushman was born Jan. 4, 1889, at St. Joseph, Arizona. He is the son of John Bushman and Lois A. Smith, who were among the first pioneers of Joseph City in 1876. He was born in the attic of an old log house in Joseph City. He attended schools in Joseph City and the Snowflake Stake Academy, and also Brigham Young University for one year.

Bushman, Jacob Virgil & Ruth Bushman, Jacob Virgil, Fred, Ruth

He married Ruth Campkin Fuller on August 18, 1909, at Salt Lake City, Utah. They had seven sons, six of whom lived to maturity. They bought their first home with borrowed money at 12% interest, and then bought 100 head of cows and went into the cattle business. He received a call for a church mission, and left his little family of three boys, and went to Kentucky April 5, 1916. He was successful as a missionary baptising 34 persons. Ruth and three sons joined him in Kentucky in 1917, and they came home in 1918.

In the fall of 1918 they moved to Mesa, Arizona, and went into the cotton farming, but when the crash came it left them broke. They came back to Navajo County, and Joseph City, to start all over again.

They moved to Winslow in 1926 where they bought 480 acres of land and some water rights. With the help of his sons he put a dam in Chevelon and brought water to his land north of Winslow. He subdivided and sold the land in small parcels.

In 1939 they moved to Provo, Utah, where he went into real estate and insurance. He and his wife went to Hawaii to come home with their son who had been on a mission there.

Bushman, Jacob Virgil and Ruth Fuller

On Nov. 7, 1949, he and his wife were called on a mission to the Southwest Indian Mission among the Hopi and Navajo Indian tribes. They spent two years on this mission and in 1962 he was called back to this mission on some special work.

Bushman, Jacob Virgil

He and his family have all been active in their church, the boys all being married in the temple. Ruth Fuller was born Jan. 6, 1891, at Pine, Gila County, Arizona. She is the daughter of Manson James Fuller and Emerett Randall. She attended school in Pine and also at the Snowflake Stake Academy. They have traveled considerably having visited Mexico and Canada and many other places.

Bushman, Jacob Virgil Family (FS)

Bushman, Jacob Virgil extended family


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Susanna Widenmaier b. 31 December 1824, Grossgartach


Susanna Widenmaier is my 2nd Great-grandmother.  She was born on this day in 1824 in Grossgartach, the daughter of Johann Gottfried Widenmaier and Agnes Johanna Kaiser.

Here is her 1824 birth entry:Widenmaier, Susanna b. 1824

Susanna married Johann Jakob Schaefer 17 June 1845 in Grossgartach.  Here is their marriage entry:Schaefer, Joh Jakob & Susanna Widenmaier m. 1845Schaefer, Joh Jakob & Susanna Widenmaier m. 1845.1

Susanna and Johann Jakob had 7 children:  Christof Wilhelm Schaefer b. 1846, d. 1899 was their firstborn (he’s my Great-grandfather).  His siblings are Katharina Friederika b. 1847, d. 1924; Carl Friedrich b. 1848, d. ?; Heinrich b. 1850, d. ?; Christiane b. 1852, d. 1854; and Christoph b. 1854, d. 1923.

Here is their Family Register entry:Schaefer, Johann Jakob FR.1These records are wonderful to have, but I wish I could read a bit more between the lines to know more about who Susanna was and what she did.  I will have lots of questions for her when I eventually get to meet her!


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Anna Maria Häring b. 28 December 1805

Haerig, Anna Maria b. 1805

Here is the birth entry for my 3rd Great-grandmother, Anna Maria Häring, who was born 28 December 1805 in Biberach, Wuerttemberg, Germany.  She was the daughter of Johann Michael and Katharina Walther Häring, the last of 6 children.

On 11 October 1831 Anna Maria married Georg Freidrich Schelle in Biberach.  He was also born there on 3 February 1789.  Georg was 42 when he married Anna Maria, who was then 25 years old.  Georg and Anna Maria had 5 children:  Karl Friedrich Theodor b. 1832, Maria Madgalena Justine b. 1833 (my Great-grandmother who would marry Leonhard Heinrich Laemmlen in 1862), Magdalene Veronika Karoline b. 1834, Ernst Gotlob b. 1836 and Anna Veronike Ernestine b. 1837.

Anna Maria died 11 October 1837 a few months after delivering her last daughter.  She was only 31 years old.  That daughter, Anna Veronike only lived one year.

Here is an old map of Biberach:Biberach old map

Biberach then and now:


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