Remembering Bonny Lassen d. 17 Feb 1999


These comments were posted today on Instagram.  I had to capture them as we remember my husband’s sister, Bonny Dean Lewis Lassen who left us on this day 18 years ago.

From her daughter, Chrissy:

Feb. 17th……Today marks 18 years since this one of a kind woman took a graceful exit from our lives. She was happy and friendly to all. She made holidays better than they really are. She was a total pie snob and wouldn’t allow anyone else to make pies for thanksgiving. A terrible passenger in the car. At one point in life I told her I wouldn’t drive her anywhere again cause she made you feel like every second you were about to crash. She’d often break into uncontrollable laughter during family prayer.
She liked grounding us cause she wanted us around her.
She bribed me and my college roommates with lunch or candy bars to get us to attend class every week.
My friends would come to the house to visit with her, not me.
She was always late because time didn’t mean anything to her.
She took us camping and on many adventures wherever we could go, for free (it was exciting to her plus she was kind of a cheap skate). She’d write typed letters to businesses expressing her displeasure for whatever happened that she didn’t like (dry cleaners, Kellogg’s, restaurants, etc.). We called her Bonny Letter (like Johnny Letter on SNL). The best though was I’d spend the end of almost every night that I lived at home, sitting on her bed talking to her. Even when I’d get home really late, she’d want an update of what happened with friends or dates. She always wanted to know.
Life wasn’t perfect but we were happy and loved. She’s holding my cousin’s hand in this picture the exact same way she would’ve held my hand. Vicki was her daughter too. She LOVED people.
She cared about everyone.
How’d I get so lucky?! I miss this woman and count myself blessed to have so many great memories to make me smile and laugh through life. Even the bad memories are good memories. The day I get to see her again will be a joyful day. Love you, Bonny Letter

Here are some more comments from friends and family remembering Bonny:

  • shellybrown77I love this so much Chrissy! She sounds like such a great lady. Love ya! ♥️
  • jlcluffI’m so glad you wrote this. I told you you should be a writer! You know how to express the truth so well Chris. Bonny was all of this and she is so loved and missed. She’s so proud of who are, and so am I!!! I know you miss her so much. The rest of us feel like she’s still around in so many ways because of you. After you left last night I had so many thoughts about her, and then I see this today and you’ve described everything I was feeling. Except you left out the chewy molasses cookies. I love Bonny and I love you. So glad we still have each other. Someday we’ll all be together again. Hooray!
  • berhughesThis is beautiful Chrissy. I love your mom through your words. Love you
  • heidnseeekTotally cannot wait to meet her!!! ❤
  • celeste_lewis3She really could make everyone feel important and loved…as do you Chrissy! Beautiful momma, beautiful daughter 😘💕
  • diwakimotoBonny’s the bomb baby! And she passed on the best of who she was to you Chrissy! And we are so lucky to have you in our lives😘😘😘
  • vappayneAnd she made the best bread and always made sure she fed me lots of it whenever I was at your house. I love her and I love, love, love her daughter ❤️❤️❤️
  • dlassI knew her well. I spent all of high school and and some of junior high as the only child still in the house. She watched me closely and hated that I wanted independence but she set me loose and trusted my judgment. She stopped doing any laundry for me when I suggested that she fold my jeans in a way that would not leave a crease down the center. She stopped cooking and we ate Taco Bell at least twice a week but otherwise we cooked for ourselves. I would nap on the couch while she watched movies and quilted. When I lost my run for president she was outraged and had to exercise all her self control to not demand a recount. We would slow dance in the living room at least once a week. Often dad was out of town and it would just be the two of us. I love how active she was and had a full exciting life separate from the great relationship we had. She’s been gone now for more time than I had with her. If she were still around I’d love to serve her some French onion soup.
  • namaste_valThat was so beautiful Chrissy. I feel like I now know your mom. You are most definitely your mother’s daughter. You could have been describing yourself in so much of this. I am blessed to know you.
  • garylassen@dlass Very tender Dan. Thanks.
  • garylassenVery tender, very sweet, my daughter. You are in so many ways like your mom. Love you Friss.
  • bopalooShe was the cat’s meow. I love her and her offspring. ❤
  • a_nor_iginalShe let me live with your family and let me do all the dishes. ❤
  • shannonjcraig@dlass Danny. So poetic as usual. Jeans, Taco Bell, PG rated movies and quilts. Not forgetting the soup! I love the fact that you mention losing presidency and her fierce need to protect you. I guess I felt the same way when we lost her and you had to go on living as just a “kid”. 😊 I wanted to protect you and advise you not to buy carnations or cactis for your prom date. I didn’t know about the slow dancing but it sounds apropos. She lived the way we should all aspire to live. Pies and chicken stock, and don’t even question her Navajo Tacos. Her laugh will forever resonate in my mind. That little raspy lisp and how she threw her head back like nothing else mattered but that moment. Timeless. And guess what, she is so proud of you now!!! Slow dance with that pretty wife of yours every moment you can. 💗💗
  • shannonjcraigTriss. This is so perfectly written. 2/17 never goes by me without a thought of gratitude. I was lucky too. (Even though she wrote Matt on his mission that Dave had curiously started dating a young blonde California surfer chick?!?) One of her “rant letters” I suppose. Luckily, she and I bonded and I have more than a few hilarious stories to tell as well! I said in my reply to Danny, but my moments with her and her beautiful laugh and zest for life will never be forgotten. Keep on doing her proud, I know you are! 😍 Love you! When are you coming to seattle next? I need you!!


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