Archibald Robert Anderson b. 23 February 1868, married Ida Roxana Bushman

Utah Since Statehood

Archibald R. Anderson, of , is the owner of an excellent property devoted to hay and pasture, and the place is well equipped according to modern standards of agricultural life. He was born February 23, 1868, in Fairview, and is one of a family of nine children whose parents were John and Helena (Reese) Anderson. His mother crossed the plains with a handcart company in 1856, while the father made the trip across the long stretches of hot sand and over the mountains in the same manner in the year 1857. They were married in Utah and in the work of the church John Anderson took a deep interest and helpful part. He was superintendent of the Sunday school at Fairview for years, was active in all branches of church work and ever most strictly observed the Sabbath day. He cooperated likewise in every plan and project for the upbuilding of his town and his life was characterized by high purposes and lofty principles. He died May 27, 1900, and the mother survived until August 28, 1912.

Their children were as follows: Agnes, born in 1866. became the wife of Albert Christiansen and had twelve children, three of whom are now deceased. Archibald R. is the second of the family. Sarah Ann, born in 1870, is not married. Nora, born in 1872, became the wife of John Bench, had five children and died in 1908. Helena D., born in 1874, is the wife of Dr. O. K. Hansen, of Provo and has six children. Christine Theresa, born in 1876, is the wife of E. L. Miner and has eight children. Dr. J. R. Anderson, born in 1879, is engaged in the practice of medicine in Springville. Maud, born in 1881, is the wife of C. P. Olson and has six children. Margaret Georgina, born in 1883, completes the family. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Miner are missionaries in Honolulu, Hawaii, Mr. Miner being called twelve years ago for service in that field, where he edits the paper and manages the school. He is a very efficient member of the church and his work is of such value that he is still needed there. For his second wife John Anderson married Hetty Brady and to them were born four children: Berdella, Flossie, Mamie and Hugh. At his death the father owned a large flock of sheep, which he divided among his children, our subject, his brother and sisters coming into possession of their share at the death of their mother.

Archibald R. Anderson passed through consecutive grades in the public schools of Fairview and in 1897 entered upon a review course at the Brigham Young University at Provo. Starting out in the business world, he was first connected with his father in managing his sheep interests, having a third interest in the business, which they continued to carry on under that plan until his father’s death, following which Archibald R. Anderson settled up the sheep industry with his family upon the above basis, not taking any of his father’s interests but giving all to his mother, brothers and sisters. He later purchased a part of the interests of the others in the estate and a part is still held by others of the family, from which they receive an annual dividend. Mr. Anderson has greatly improved his sheep by introducing the Rambouillet stock until he has a valuable and well bred flock of sheep today. He is the owner of a good farm and has a fine brick residence in Fairview, supplied with all modern equipment. The place presents a most neat and attractive appearance and indicates his careful supervision and progressive methods. He is also the owner of stock in the Fairview State Bank and is now vice president of that institution.


On the 5th of February, 1902, at Manti, Mr. Anderson was united in marriage to Miss Ida R. Bushman, who was born September 14, 1879, a daughter of Jacob and Charlotte (Terley) Bushman, whose parents were at Nauvoo and passed through the troublous times of the Mormon church there. Her Mother’s father belonged to the Terley family, which shielded Joseph Smith before he gave himself up to the authorities and was killed in a Carthage, Illinois, jail. The Terley family crossed the plains with the pioneers and Mr. and Mrs. Bushman settled at Lehi but after several years there spent were called upon to aid in the settlement of Arizona.

In 1889, Mr. Bushman returned to Fairview, where he continued to reside until his death, which occurred March 25, 1919. His wife passed away November 1, 1899. The brothers and sisters of Mrs. Anderson are as follows: Amanda married John Saby and has eight children. Theodore M. wedded Merilla Lambson and their children are five in number. Sarah is the widow of Henry Fowles, by whom she had three children, two now deceased. Grace, deceased. married Emanuel Lundquist and they had eight children. Jacob B. married Effie Bills and to them were born eight children. Ella I. is the wife of Orin Barker and they have seven children. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are the parents of five children. Archie J., who was born in Fairview, June 28, 1903; Vora Vivian and Ora Nivian, twins, born July 5, 1906; and Helena Charlotte, born December 5, 1913. The daughter Vora passed away May 25, 1916. Jennie V. died in infancy.

Mr. Anderson votes with the republican party and for two years he served as justice of the peace at Fairview, in which connection he rendered decisions that were strictly fair and impartial. He has also served on the petit and federal juries. He belongs to the Mormon church, in which faith he was reared, and he filled a mission to Scotland, the native country of his ancestors, going in 1895, returning in 1897, after twenty-six months spent as traveling elder. A year after his return he was called to labor in the Manti Temple in the various ordinances and did so for two years without compensation, maintaining himself in the meantime. After five years of service in the church he married and established his home in Fairview. He is a member of the Home Missionaries, a member of the High Council of North Sanpete, has been counselor of the Young Men’s Improvement Association and has been assistant superintendent of the Sunday school for several years. The interests of his life are broad and well balanced, making him a forceful factor in the community welfare.

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