John Bushman’s Cancer Cured, 1905


From John Bushman’s Diary

1 January 1905, soon after arriving home from Texas, a sore appeared on my lower lip, just the same as I had cured seven years before. Sent directly to B. Dye, who had furnished treatment for the former cure. This medicine came January 29th; and I commenced to apply the treatment, but it didn’t seem to heal as before.

February 10, 1905, took daughter June, to Snowflake to take care of her sister, Maria, who has been sick for some time. Talked with Brothers Freeman and James M. Flake, who had both been to California to have cancers removed from their wives’ breasts; and they thought Dr. Chanley was pretty sure cure. February 11, came to Woodruff and stopped with John Deadhead and talked with W. DeWitt, who had been to California and had a cancer removed from his lip that was much like mine.

February 12, while on my way home from Woodruff, I decided I would have to go to San Francisco to have my lip cured and had gathered part of the necessary money to pay all expenses. I was pouring out my soul in prayer, as I was riding along, and thanking my heavenly Father for the many privileges and blessings I had enjoyed in the Gospel, when I felt the presence of my wife, Mary, who had been dead over eighteen years, and an assurance that the gospel was true and that all would be well with me, and then I vowed that, if I did not have to go to San Francisco, I would give at least part of the means that the trip would cost to the Church.

Accordingly, in September when I received pay from the sale of wool, I sent $100.00 to Joseph F. Smith with the request that $50.00 to the fun to purchase the Center Stake of Zion. I sent $10.00 to nephew M. I. Bushman on a mission in England, and $40.00 tithing. This is to redeem my vow. The wore was all healed up in two weeks.


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