Margaret Evva Wimmer Turley finds lost record

From Pioneer Women of Arizona by Roberta Flake Clayton
in the history of Margaret Hunter Shelley written by Thomas H. Shelley and Marie Shelley Webb, p. 633

Margaret is the mother smiling in the middle of this family photo.

In 1887 [Margaret Hunter Shelley] and her husband did endowments and sealings for all the dead relatives they had record of. This they did for both the Hunters and the Shelleys. Maggie had very little information as to her relatives. A few years before her death, she said her grandmother appeared to her explaining that a mistake had been made and she was not sealed to her husband. She not only appeared once, but three times, pleading for the work to be done. Her husband, being an educated bookkeeper, believed all had been cared for and that he had made careful record. About three years before her [Margaret Shelley’s] death, at a family reunion, her attention was called to her many children and grandchildren and a promise was made that the mistake would yet be found and the sealing cared for. This promise pleased her very much, and she passed away with a feeling of satisfaction and hope.

About three years after her death, a granddaughter, Margaret [Evva Wimmer]Turley, was searching in an old family trunk. To her joy she found a record written in the handwriting of James E. Shelley (who as stated before was Maggie’s husband). There was a list of names showing names of wives sealed to husbands. This list was about eighteen inches long and there the truth was made clear. The list showed that the grandmother’s message about her not being sealed to her husband was true. The record was cleared, and a son, Thomas, and his wife, Eva Tanner Shelley, did the necessary temple work.

What a joy and how faith promoting this has been to the family of James E. and Margaret Hunter Shelley. She died May 6, 1931.

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