Bushman Family Manti Temple Trip October 1889

Manti Temple Morning Valley - airpano

The Manti Temple

In October of 1889, John Bushman traveled from his home in St. Joseph Arizona to attend General Conference in Salt Lake City.   He was having trouble with a cancerous growth on his left eye.  After Conference, on October 6th he had his eye treated at the Deseret Hospital in Salt Lake. After conference, where they cut away the fleshy growth around his eye and sewed it up.  As it healed, he visited friends for a few days, then he traveled to Lehi to see his family members there.


Writing in 3rd person, John Bushman recorded:

John went to Lehi and visited relatives and friends, and spoke at Church.  All seemed pleased to see him.  On 17 October, with his brother Martin and wife Lucinda Bushman and their sister Sarah B. Rhodes, John went to the Manti Temple.  At Fairview they got their brother Jacob to go along with them to the Temple, arriving there 21 October.  The next few days they were shown through the Temple and John was baptized for several of his ancestors.  On 23 October they all performed Temple work, having their children sealed to them–President Daniel H. Wells officiating.  It was a grand sight–the nine children all dressed in white kneeling around the altar with President Wells, with white hair and beard, sealing the children to their parents for time and eternity.  After the Temple sessions on 24 October they visited Lucinda Dalton and Ellen Jakeman.  Apostle Anthon H. Lund and others administered to John’s eye which seemed as bad as ever to him.  When John went through the Temple again next day he went alone to the prayer room, kneeled at the altar and poured his soul out to God, grateful for the blessing and mercies and praying to have his eye restored.  After their joyous experience in the Manti Temple they all went home arriving in Lehi on 29 October.

Daniel H. Wells:
Daniel_Hanmer_Wells.jpg     smanti-temple-plaque-1879


The Manti Temple

The Manti Temple was dedicated on 17 May 1888.  The Salt Lake Temple wouldn’t be completed and dedicated until 1893, so this was the first opportunity these siblings had to attend the temple. Their parents, Martin and Elizabeth were endowed and sealed in the Nauvoo Temple on Christmas Day in 1845.  Now 43 years later, these children were sealed to their parents in the Manti Temple.  These were glorious days for the Bushman family.


Children of Martin and Elizabeth Bushman, left to right: Jacob, John, Sarah, Martin and Elias Albert Bushman

These siblings and their spouses were each endowed in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City prior to this temple trip.  Martin Benjamin Bushman and his wife, Lucinda were endowed 21 March 1863.  His second wife, Martha was endowed 2 March 1867.  Jacob and Charlotte were endowed 12 March 1864.  John and his wife Lois were endowed in 11 Feb 1865.  His second wife, Mary Ann was endowed 2 Marcy 1877.  Sarah was endowed 25 Jan 1869.  Elias and his wife Margaret were endowed 27 March 1879.


The Salt Lake Endowment House


The Manti Temple


The Manti Temple

Jacob Bushman, Autobiography, Typescript, BYU, Pg. 5:
I will now give you some of the other three girls that was younger than father. Sarah Bushman, born March 12th 1804; died Feb. 1887. She married John Stanton, had a large family. Some of their children are alive yet. Anna was born Sept. 10th; died very young. And Ester was born May 5th, 1808 and married Scott Ewing. Did not have a very large family, She died April 6th, 1877. Grandfather was leaving with her when he died. How grandfather and all of his children was all poor and humble and honest and hard working and none of them ever joined the Church, but the work has all been done for them in the Temple. And I hope they all have received it by this time. We have done our part so far. And may the Lord help us to be faithful to the end is my constant prayer.


The Manti Temple


Read here about Martin and Elizabeth Bushman’s temple visit on Christmas Day in 1845.

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