Ruby Grace Smuin b. 6 January 1898, Salt Lake City

Lundquist, Ruby Grace, maybe engagement

Ruby Grace Smuin

My mother, Grace Helen Smuin, wrote this about her mother, Ruby, my Great-grandmother:

My mother, Ruby Grace Lundquist Smuin, was born in Salt Lake City January 6, 1898. She was a gentle, loving and caring lady. All loved her. I remember Mom and the beautiful red rose bushes along the entire length of one side of our home in Eagle Rock. How she loved roses! She would mulch them, spray them with a little hand sprayer, prune them, pinch back buds to make larger blooms, and care for them so tenderly. On the opposite side of the lawn was her flower garden with so many beautiful flowers of all kinds. I especially remember the yellow cosmos and when they turned to seed, how intriguing it was to pull them apart seed by seed. Also among the variety of flowers were her specialty of roses and sweet peas. There were tall blue delphiniums, zinnias, marigolds, and even a row of beets and onions planted in between. It was always colorful. There were always fresh cut flowers in the house. Our small back yard had two apricot trees with a swing in each one. It was shady in the yard and there was a spot for violets and mint. By the time I was 10 I knew the names of nearly all common flowers and shrubs.

Photo above:  Ruby married Franklin Smuin on 11 Sept 1934 when she was 26 and he was 31. This may have been her engagement photo.

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