Alonzo Donnell Rhodes Home in Lehi

By Wayne Clark

EARLIEST SETTLERS IN THE LEHI CITY FORT: Lot 1, Block 10(32). Alonzo Donnell Rhodes (1824-1893) listed a $200.00 house of unspecified type on the eastern one-half of Lot 1 on Block 10(32) on his 1857 consecration deed. Twenty-five-year-old Alonzo Rhodes was with his wife, 27-year-old Sarah Ann Bushman (1833-1917) and their three children in dwelling 3480 in the 1860 Census. An adobe dwelling at Position 19 on the 1890, 1898, 1907 and 1922 Sanborn maps appears to be the home that stands on Lot 1 today at 90 South, 100 West. Alonzo Rhodes arrived in the Utah Territory in September, 1851. He was one of the 1851 settlers at Dry Creek. Rhodes married to Sarah Ann Bushman in 1852. He’s listed as having had one of the cabins on the South side of the 1853 Lehi City fort. His first wife, Barbara Ellen Kearns Rhodes (1824-1915), was in a home on Lot 1(17) on the site of a home that stands today at 217 South, 100 West with her children by Alonzo Rhodes in dwelling 3522 in Lehi in the 1860 Census.

Alonzo Donnell Rhodes moved from the Block 10(32) home before the 1870. William Lawrence Hutchings (1829-1908) of Somerset, England, received the Mayor’s deed for the eastern half of Lot 1 on Block 32, the property on Rhodes’ consecration deed, in 1871. Thirty-year-old William Hutchings was with his wife, 30-year-old Mary Robbins Hutchings (1829-1902), in dwelling 3456 in the 1860 Census. Hutchings crossed the plains in the Israel Evans company which arrived in Great Salt Lake City in September, 1857. He probably went directly to Lehi. The Hutching’s neighbors indicate that they were outside the fort instead of on the Block 10(32) property in 1860. They may have been on the site of the home at 678 North, 200 West, the home of John Hutchings (1889-1977), son of William Lawrence Hutchings and Mary Wanlass Hutchings (1848-1907).


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