Happy 200th Birthday Johann Jacob Schäfer!

Schaefer, Johann Jakob b. 18 April 1820 Lehnenberg

Birth entry for Johann Jakob Schaefer 18 April 1820 in Lehnenberg, Germany.

On this day 200 years ago, my 2nd Great-grandpa, Johann Jakob Schäfer was born in Lehnenberg, Waiblingen, Germany.  His parents were Johannes Schäfer from Lehnenberg and Anna Maria Zehner from Grossgartach.  He was born at 11:00 p.m. and he was christened the next day in Bouch.

Johann Jakob would follow his father’s occupation and become a tailor in Grossgartach.  On 17 June 1845 he married Susanna Widenmaier from Grossgartach.  He was 25 years old and she was 20.  Their first son, Christoph Wilhelm, was my Great-grandpa.  Johann Jakob and Susanna had 7 children in the next 10 years!

Schaefer, Johann Jakob FR.1

Family Register page for the Johann Jakob Schaefer family.

A daughter, Christiane, died in of Schleimfeiber (mucus fever or typhoid) in 1854 just before her 2nd birthday.  Tragedy struck again in 1856 when Johann Jakob became sick with bronchial consumption or pneumonia.  He died on 8 December at age 36 years, 7 months and 20 days.  Their youngest daughter, Caroline died a few days later on 23 December 1856 from consumption, just after her first birthday.  What a tragic heartbreaking time that must have been for Suzanna and their other children.  Susanna lived to be 62 years old.

Schaefer, Joh Jakob d. 8 Dec 1856 age 36

Death entry for Johann Jakob Schaefer 8 December 1856.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Johann Jakob Schaefer!



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