John Bushman records information from the Nauvoo Temple Book about Martin and Elizabeth Degen Bushman

1845-12-25 Martin & Elizabeth endowed JB Diary

in June 1924
there was found in the
Nauvoo Temple Record
Book, a large Bundle
of loose leaves in manus
-scipt Pined together
which contained the
names of 1200 which
were not recorded in
Temple Records among
them were many of the
leading Brethren;
they commenced (?)doing
Endowments in that
Temple on the 11 of
December 1845 and on
December 25, 1845,
Martin Bushman and
Elizabeth Degen received
their Endowments

and on March 10th
1855 they were sealed
By George A. Smith
in the Lehi Tithing

1845-12-25 Martin & Elizabeth Bushman Nauvoo Temple

on December 25, 1845
Martin Bushman
Born April 1st 1802
and Elizabeth Degen Bush
-man Born Sept 12, 1802
were Endowed in the
Nauvoo Temple
and on the 10 of March^1855
By George A. Smith
in Lehi Tithin Office

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