Charley Turley Heals Bro.Smithson’s Son

Charley Turley was born 4 October 1899 in Snowflake, AZ.  He is the son of Alma Rubin and Delilah Jane Willis Turley.

turley, charles herman b. 1899

Charles Herman Turley “Charlie”

One evening Ann and her daughter got in the car with Charles [Turley]. They rode for awhile and were about ready to stop when something whispered to him to go up by Bro. Smithson’s house. So they rode up there. Just as they were coming up to his place they saw Bro. Smithson and he asked if Charles would come in and help administer to George, Bro. Smithson’s son.

His boy had been thrown from a horse a week or so before and had hurt his back so that he had no power to move. His parents had to move him where ever he laid on the bed. They even had to feed him and change his clothes for him because he couldn’t move to do it himself.

Brother Smithson administered the oil and while he was annointing, something whispered to Charles, “When you seal the annointing, command him to rise.” He did not heed this whispering and while he was sealing the annointing again it whispered, “Command him to rise.” But he never did.

After they had finished and he started to go home he was halted by some unknown power and again, the third time, he was told to command George to rise. He turned white and was weak. He turned to Brother Smithson and said, “Have you and your wife faith enough that a miracle can be performed in your house?” They said yes.

So Charles walked to the bed. He placed one hand under George’s head and the other under his back and shoulders and said, “Brother George Smithson, in the name of Jesus Christ we command you to arise and be made whole.” When he arose from the bed he said he felt so full of the spirit of the Lord that he felt like shouting and praising God. He put on a pair of boots, his overalls, his shirt and coat all by himself and walked 3/8 of a mile to Sunday Meeting.

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