John Lehi Bushman b. 14 September 1883

From Unflinching Courage, pp. 106-107
John Lehi Bushman

John Lehi Bushman was the only son of John Bushman and Mary Ann Petersen, having been born in St. Joseph, Arizona, in the old fort on September 14, 1883. His mother died when he was less than two years old and he was cared for by his father’s first wife, Lois Smith.

He spent his boyhood in St. Joseph, where he received his elementary school education, and later attended the Snowflake Stake Academy.

Bushman, John Lehi and Etna Cooper

He was married to Etna Novela Cooper on April 5, 1905 in the Salt Lake temple. Seven girls were born to them.

John became a farmer, and was known as one of the best farmers in the county, often taking prizes at county fairs with his produce, which he sold most years to the housewives in Winslow.

He also was a good builder, and spent much of his life helping to build homes and other structures in Joseph City.

He filled four missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, two full-time and two for the Snowflake Stake. His first mission was in Tennessee from March 1910 until 1912, and later to the Southwest Indian Mission.

Bushman, John Lehi, missionary

His wife Etna was a native of Mississippi and came to Arizona because of the Church and for her mother’s health. The family settled in Snowflake where she spent her girlhood, and after marrying spent the rest of her life in Joseph City, where she died in I960.

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