Lloyd Lee Barker b. 19 August 1930, Fairview, Utah

Lloyd Lee Barker is the son of Jacob “Lee” Barker, who was the son of Ella Isadora Bushman Barker, who was the daughter of Jacob and Charlotte Bushman.

The Theodore Turley Family Book, pp. 530-531

Lloyd Lee was blessed Oct. 5, 1930 by Rufus Orrin Barker, and baptized a member of the L.D.S. Church Oct. 11, 1938 in Heber, Utah by Harris Barcell. He was confirmed Oct. 11, 1938 by Walter Montgomery. He was ordained a Deacon March 22, 1942; a Teacher Sept. 2, 1945; a Priest Aug. 24, 1947; and an Elder Nov. 19, 1950. He graduated from Provo High School and has attended college at Utah State, BYU, and the Technical College at Provo. He served in the United States Army from May 1951 to May 1952, receiving an honorable discharge. He has worked on construction work, heavy equipment, railroad, several positions at Geneva Steel Plant, and is a professional sign painter and house painter. He also works on the building of delicate parts for rare guns. He does watch repairing and is an artist with oils. He loves inventing new things and then building what some say is impossible.

Lloyd married Phyllis LaRae Snow on March 29, 1951 in the Salt Lake Temple, the marriage being performed by Robert L. Young. He has two sons: Michael Lloyd, born Jan. 30, 1952; and Samuel Kelly, born Dec. 17, 1960. He also has two daughters: Cherrie Lynne, born Jan. 19, 1954; and Mary Dawn, born Dec. 2, 1955. Michael is now serving in the U.S. Navy. Cherrie will graduate from nursing in March of 1975 and is to be married on March 29 to Danny Evans in the Manti Temple. Mary is attending the BYU, and Kelly is attending school at Orem Junior High. Lloyd was sealed to his parents Sept. 6, 1973. He is active in the church working with the Scouts and Deacons. He has taught the Elders Quorum class and does temple work regularly.

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