Flora Elizabeth Bushman and Suel James Zimmerman, Lehi

Flora Elizabeth Bushman (“Aunt Flo”) was born 15 August 1874 in Lehi.

History of Lehi, Part II, Including Biographical Section up to 1950
Published by the Lehi Pioneer Committee
Written by Hamilton Gardner
The Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1950
pp. 927-928

Suel James Zimmerman, eleventh child of John and Harriet Laura Lamb Zimmerman, was born November 24, 1868, in Lehi, Utah. He attended school in Lehi; also the Brigham Young Academy in Provo under Karl G. Maeser (1886-1887).

As a young man he raised sugar beets for the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company.  On January 28, 1902, he married Flora Elizabeth Bushman, daughter of Martin Benjamin and Martha Worlton Bushman. Their first five years were spent homesteading in Teton Basin, Idaho, where Suel bought cattle for the Austin Cattle Company. They traveled twelve miles by team and wagon to attend church and made many friends.

With their two small daughters, Harriet (Mrs. Donald Barratt) and Elva (Mrs. Owen Allen), they returned to Lehi in 1909 to make their home. Their third daughter, Ruby, (Mrs. Virgil T. Meredith) was born here.

Mr. Zimmerman, an ardent Democrat, engaged in farming and road work. He was Utah County Road Supervisor for many years and State Road Supervisor from 1928 to 1937, taking care of ninety-seven miles of road. He worked under three Governors–Spry, Dern, and Blood. Retiring, he engaged in the poultry business.

Sincere in his faith, he was a full tithe payer in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; was quick to help those in need and to donate to a worthy cause. Always smiling, he will long be remembered for his sense of humor and his devotion to his wife, daughters, and nine grandchildren. A heart attack caused his death January 4, 1944.

The Bushman Family History by Newbern Butt, p. 112:
Flora lived at Teton, Idaho and Lehi, Utah. She was a Sunday School teacher 10 years, RS and Religion Class. Charter member of the DUP, Genealogical and temple worker.

Suel was a farmer and poultryman, and was State Road Supervisor for 16 years.

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