The Martin and Elizabeth Degen Bushman Bible


Last week at the Elias Bushman reunion in Lehi, I met Don and Karen Bushman from Herriman, Utah.  They told me they had this family Bible in their possession.  I was so excited to learn where this Bible has been.  I made arrangements for Don and Karen to come to my home today with this beautiful family treasure.  Below is a photo of this Bible that has been in our Bushman family records, so I knew it was out there somewhere, I just didn’t know where to find it.

Bushman, Martin Bible 1833

Holding something in your hands that your loved ones held in theirs is a sweet thing.Martin Bushman Bible and Fam-6 croppedMartin and Elisabeth Bushman were taught the gospel of Jesus Christ from missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1840 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  This would have been the Bible they studied from.

2019-8-6 Bushman Treasures from Don Bushman (18)2019-8-6-Bushman-Treasures-from-Don-Bushman-30.jpgMartin’s signature dated 1833:Martin Bushman Bible and Fam-7

Here is where they read from James 1:5, as Joseph Smith once did, learning that if anyone lacks wisdom, they should ask of God who gives liberally to us if we ask in faith:2019-8-6-Bushman-Treasures-from-Don-Bushman-24-1296687358-1567368336608.jpg

Here are the family records recorded by Martin and Elizabeth.  2019-8-6 Bushman Treasures from Don Bushman (31)

Jacob Bushman (top right), their 3rd child, is my 2nd Great-grandfather.

2019-8-6 Bushman Treasures from Don Bushman (32)2019-8-6 Bushman Treasures from Don Bushman (48)2019-8-6 Bushman Treasures from Don Bushman (49)

Inside the back cover:Martin Bushman Bible and Fam-24

Don and Karen Bushman, who kindly shared this treasure with me today and allowed me to photograph these sacred pages.  Not only did they bring this family Bible, they brought photos and histories and family memorabilia which I also photographed and will be adding to FamilySearch as I have time.  Today was a Really Good Day!

2019-8-6 Bushman Treasures from Don Bushman (388)

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