Sarah Palmer and George R. Collinwood

From Unflinching Courage pp. 139-140

Palmer, Sarah b. 1907
George R. Collinwood is the son of George and Lucy Robinson Collinwood. He was born Sept. 8, 1901, in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. He was christened in the Wesleyan Methodist Church. When he was about three years old his parents went to London to get passage to America and on March 17, 1904 they sailed for America. The voyage took seven days and they landed in Boston, Mass. From there they went by train to Salt Lake City, and then to Bountiful, Utah, where they established a home. The family later moved to Garfield, Utah.

He was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Sept. 3, 1910. Being active in the church he was advanced in the priesthood to the office of High Priest. He served a mission for the church in the Northwestern States in 1924-1925. He was married to Sarah Palmer on Sept. 8, 1928. They moved to Mesa, Arizona, in 1931 where they lived for 16 years. Four of their children were born while living in Mesa.

In 1947 they moved to El Monte, California, where they have lived since. They have been active in the church. They have sent two sons on missions and another son is now ready to go. They own their own home. George has held many positions of trust in the church, working in the Sunday School, M.I.A., and priesthood quorums, and as song leader in most of these organizations.

Palmer, Sarah & George Collinwood Family

Sarah Palmer is the daughter of Wesley Palmer and Lillian Ann Bushman Palmer and a granddaughter of Bishop John Bushman who was among the original settlers of Joseph City. She was born July 26, 1907, at St. Joseph, Navajo County, Arizona.

The family lived there for two years and then moved to Taylor, Arizona. She attended the grade schools in Taylor for eight years and then her family moved to Mesa, Arizona where she graduated from high school. When she was 17 years old her father was working in Salt Lake City and he had her come there to learn how to do genealogical research work. This seems to have been the great work for which she was qualified, and she has spent over 25 years doing research work to obtain information regarding her dead forbears.

She was called and set apart as a regular worker in the Salt Lake Temple by George F. Richards. She worked for two years. While working in this capacity she met a young man who had just returned from a mission to the Northwestern states. This romance led to the marriage of Sarah Palmer and George R. Collinwood in the Salt Lake Temple on Sept. 8, 1928.

She has been active in the church, holding many positions of trust and responsibility in the Sunday School, M.I.A., Primary and in genealogical work. They have seven children, two girls and five boys.

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