Life Sketch for Lois Evelyn Bushman Smith (b. 28 June 1872)

smith, lois evelyn (seated) with young children

Lois Evelyn Bushman Smith (seated) with young children

At the age of four her father included Lois in his migration to northern Arizona so she could help with the other children. The difficult terrain caused them to struggle for nearly two months before reaching the settlement they named St. Joseph on the Little Colorado River. The settlers lived ten years in a fort for protection from the Indians. She got her schooling there and graduated from the Snowflake Stake Academy where she met her future husband. When her husband went to serve a mission, she managed to provide for the six children. Their new, unfinished brick home was sold, followed by a civil divorce. She and her sons attempted to build a cement home on their property south of town. She moved away but managed to assure that her sons got an education and served missions. She lived in Tucson, Mesa, St. George, Provo and Salt Lake City. Despite failing health, she conducted family research and served in the temple. The unexpected death of her oldest son in 1935 was a great loss to her as she leaned on him for support.

Lois Evelyn was born 28 June 1872.  She died on New Year’s Day 1949 in Salt Lake City and was buried in St George, Utah on 4 January.

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