Isaac Richards Goodwin b, 1810

Goodwin, Isaac Richards b. 1810

History of Lehi
Published by the Lehi Pioneer Committee
Written by Hamilton Gardner
The Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1913
pp. 262-263

Isaac Goodwin, a descendant of Ozias Goodwin, who came to America from England and settled in Connecticut in 1632, was born June 18, 1810, in New Hartford, Litchfield County, Connecticut. He married Laura Hotchkiss February 2, 1833, from which union seven children were born, four boys and three girls: Isaac, Lewis, Edwin A., Albert S., Emmerett E. (Coons), Nancy (Evans), and Lucinda (Bushman).

Isaac Goodwin and family embraced the faith of the Latter-day Saints in the year 1844. Two years later in company with other Saints they concluded to go west and took passage at New York on the sailing vessel “Brooklyn,” her destination being California. Leaving New York on February 4, 1846, they sailed around Cape Horn at the southern extremity of South America, which point they passed in the latter part of April, finally landing at San Francisco on July 24, 1846, the voyage consuming a little less than six months.

At the beginning of the voyage, Mrs. Goodwin met with an accident and being in delicate health, never recovered from the shock, passing away on May 6, 1846, shortly after the ship had rounded Cape Horn. She was buried on Goat Island, one of the Juan Fernandes Group, (Robinson Crusoe’s famed islands).

Isaac Goodwin and children lived for some time at San Francisco and later moved to San Bernardino, where he met and married on December 22, 1855, Mary Cox of New Haven, England, who received the gospel on January 10, 1850, and emigrated to America, coming overland to Utah with Charles C. Rich’s company and then going on to California. No children were born of this union. Mary Cox Goodwin died December 13, 1898, at Lehi, Utah.

After living at San Bernardino for several years, they decided to move to Utah, traveling the southern route, making a short stay in “Dixie,” also in one or two others places, and finally settling in Lehi in 1859.

Isaac Goodwin was the first to introduce alfalfa (lucern) in Utah, the hay from which has been such an important factor in the agriculture of this State.

He was elected mayor of Lehi City on February 13, 1865; was appointed mayor on October 31, 1874, to fill the vacancy made by William H. Winn, who resigned; was again elected mayor on February 8, 1875; and filled the office with honor and fidelity on each occasion.

He held many other positions of trust, both secular and religious. In 1872 he went on a mission to the Eastern States. Isaac Goodwin died April 25, 1879, at Lehi, Utah.
–Samuel I. Goodwin

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