Elsa Schaefer Laemmlen Memorial Service, 9 June 1988, First Mennonite Church

Grandma Elsa Schaefer was born 30 March 1895 in Grossgartach.  She married Rudolf Laemmlen in September 1929, and they emigrated to America shortly after.  They settled in central California where they raised their 4 boys on a fruit farm.  Elsa was a hard-working, quiet farmer’s wife who knew how to do just about everything with her own hands.  She lived to be 93 years old, dying peacefully on 6 June 1988 in Reedley, CA.  Her memorial service was held on Thursday, 9 June 1988 in Reedley.

Laemmlen, Rudolf & Elsa July 1977 (4)Laemmlen, Elsa Funeral Memorial Program

Here is the family tribute by Arthur Laemmlen, son of Elsa:

Laemmlen, Elsa Funeral Memorial - Art (1)Laemmlen, Elsa Funeral Memorial - Art (2)Laemmlen, Elsa Funeral Memorial - Art (3)

Here are the remarks made by Pastor Ralph D. Bowman:Laemmlen, Elsa Funeral Memorial 1

Laemmlen, Rudolf & Elsa's 50th Anniversary 1979.

Rudolf & Elsa’s 50th Anniversary, 1979

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