Josephine Turley born 9 May 1898, Snowflake, AZ

From the Journal of Journal of May Louise Hunt Larson vol. 1 [1898, Snowflake]

May 5 I am 38 years old today. I ironed in the forenoon, and fixed baked potatoes, dried apple cobbler for dinner. Alof went with me to Relief Society meeting where I found a surprise awaiting me. Some of the ladies discovered my birthday came on meeting day so they had a program ready, refreshments, brethren invited, etc. We had a pleasant time, several wrote sentiments which I kept. Clara Rogers made me a nice little crocheted basket filled with paper flowers. Aunt Hap gave me a little flowered bowl, Nettie a tooth pick holder filled, and Sister Minnerly a glass pitcher and tray to remember her by when she is gone. I went down to see Lila Turley’s little Sarah who is strangely ill. She died at 9:15 that night. I attended the funeral next day.

May 7 Saturday Brother Lewis went off to Pleasant Valley to work six weeks or two months. He took our little Bulger horse to sell. The boys sure hated to see their riding animal go.

May 8 Sunday Alof had to take the water at noon. He kept it all night and did not go to bed at all. Our horse Old Bird had a fine horse colt that night too.

9 Monday Lila Turley had a baby girl. Very few people pass through death and life in four days. Hugh and Wallace went to Holbrook with a load of baled hay in company with brother John and others. They got home Tuesday.

hatch, adelbert and josephine turley family

Josephine Turley Hatch and children


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