Johann Leonhard Schott b. 5 May 1802, Grossgartach

Johann Leonhard Schott, my 3rd Great-grandfather, was born 5 May 1802 in Grossgartach.

Ann Laemmlen < Arthur Rudolf Laemmlen < Rudolf Laemmlen < Caroline Christiane Schott < Leonhard Heinrich Schott < Johann Leonhard Schott

Grossgartach 2009 032

The baptismal font in the Grossgartach Lorenz Kirche where our family members were christened.

Grossgartach 2009 110

These are the vineyards where our ancestors owned land in Grossgartach.

Schott, Johann Leonhard b. 1802

Birth entry for Johann Leonhard Schott, b. 5 May 1802, Grossgartach.

Below is the 10 October 1833 marriage entry for Johann Leonhard and Luise Christina.  They were married in Kaltenwesten.

Schott, Johann Leonhard m. 1833

Marriage entry for Johann Leonhard Schott and Luise Christine Böhringer, in the Grossgartach church records. They were married in Kaltenwesten.

oo G. 28.10.1833
Johann Leonhard Schott * G. 5.5.1802, Bürger u. Weingärtner, Sohn des Johann Leonhard Schott u. der Anna Regina geb. Schuhmann; mit Louisa Christina Böhringer, Tochter des Johann Martin Böhringer zu Kaltenwesten. S. 66:13.

Schott, Johann Leonhard d. 1871

Death entry for Johann Leonhard Schott, 13 October 1871 in Grossgartach.

Johann Leonhard’s death entry in 1871 lists him as a Burger und Faber Aufseher in Grossgartach.  A Burger is a farmer and a Faber is a smith.  An Aufseher is an overseer or supervisor.  He was a member of the Evangelisch (Lutheran) church.

Here are the church books in Grossgartach where these entries are found:

Grossgartach 2009 026

Children of Johann Leonhard and Luise Christina Böhringer:
Karl Leonhard Schott b. 13 Dec 1832, d. abt. 8 April 1911
Johann Christian Schott b. 20 Oct 1834, d. 3 May 1838
Christina Heinrika Schott b. 28 Oct 1836, d. 12 February 1837
Leonhard Heinrich Schott b. 2 October 1838, d. 31 May 1917
Johann Ernst Schott b. 4 January 1842 d. 13 January 1842
Christiana Louisa Schott b. 15 October 1843
Johann Christian Schott b. 14 October 1846


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