Johann Gottfried Widenmaier b. 23 April 1796, Nordheim, Germany

Johann Gottfried Widenmaier is my 3rd Great-grandpa.  He was born 23 April 1796 in Nordheim, Germany.  [Elsa Schaefer Laemmlen < Christof Wilhelm Schaefer < Susanna Widenmaier < Johann Gottfried Widenmaier]

Nordheim old post card

Nordheim old post card 1

Birth entry for Johann Gottfried Widenmaier b. 23 April 1796 in Nordheim:

Widenmaier, Johann Gottfried b. 23 Apr 1796

Johann Gottfried married Agnes Johanna Kaiser in Grossgartach (now Leingarten) on 9 May 1821.  They had 8 children:  Johanna Katharina  (1820-1887), Johanna Christina (1882-1882), Susanna, my 2nd Great-grandma (1824-1887),  Friederika (1828-1889), Christiana (1830-1886), Elisabetha (1834-1903), Johann Philipp (1837-1845) and Karolina (1841-1845).

Agnes Johanna died 1 December 1866 and Johann Gottfried died 13 December 1876, both in Grossgartach.

Nordheim today:Nordheim im Bundesland Baden-Württemberg

Nordheim Church (1)

Nordheim Map


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