Eugene and Leah Bushman honeymoon trip to Canada April 1901

bushman, eugene and leah christina marriage

Eugene Worlton Bushman and Leah Christina Christoferson

Eugene Bushman and Leah Christoferson were married in Salt Lake City on 27 March 1901.  Two weeks later they were on their way to a great adventure in Canada.  They would eventurally have a family of 6 children in Canada, born in Franksburg, Lethbridge and Regina.

Here are some newspaper reports of their departure in April 1901:

The Salt Lake Herald 1901-04-11, p. 5

Going to Canada
Colony of Farmers Takes Car at Lehi for Northwest
(Special Correspondence.)

Lehi April 10–A party is leaving here today for Canada. They are all farmers and stockmen. Fifteen cars will be loaded here and others will be loaded when they arrive at Idaho Falls, where a large amount of stock will be taken on. The following are a few of those in the company: R. Bradshaw and family, Ole Ellingson and family, James Smuin and family, Dan and Howard Thomas, Frank Cook and family, Ray Cook and family, James Saly, William Hendley, George Bone, James Jacobs, William Rolfson, William Meldrum, Jean Bushman [Eugene], William Evans, William Rosemond, Alf Gurney, John Taylor, Berg Ellingson, Laura Evans, Nancy Ross, James Stoddart and Irene Bone.


Ogden Standard Examiner 1901-04-11, p. 3

State News
Off For Canada

Lehi, April 10–About fifty people will leave Lehi tomorrow via the Oregon Short Line for Canada, where they will make their homes. Among those who will become subjects of the King are R. W. Bradshaw, Ole Ellingston, William Hindley, Eugene Bushman, Joseph R. Smuin, John S. Taylor, Alfred Gurney, D. W. Thomas, Howard Thomas, Berg Ellingston, Frank Cook, Alma Miller, F. M. Cook and several from American Fork, Provo and Cedar Valley. Most of them will take their families and all go to seek homes in the province of Alberta. With a passenger coach and the necessary furniture and cattle cars, they will occupy a special train of twenty cars, and will be taken through on passenger time.


The Bushman Family History by Newbern Butt, p. 112:

Eugene was born in Lehi and died in Franksburg, Alberta. Res. Franksburg and Lethbridge, Alberta, Canda. He was a farmer by trade. Very active in most all phases of church work. President of MIA; second counselor in SS; Bishop of the Franksburg Ward; Stake High Counselor; Patriarch of Alberta Stake until his death.

Leah was Counselor and President in the Franksburg RS and the MIA. She taught in SS and other organizations, was ward organist and ward chorister. Their children were all born in Franksburg except for Martha Jane, who was born in Lethbridge. Blanche was adopted. She was born in Regine, Sask.

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