Lucinda Goodwin, wife of Martin Benjamin Bushman, b. 4 April 1843, Bethany, CT

Bushman, Lucinda Ladelia b. 1843 portrait

Lucinda Ladelia Bushman

Our Pioneer Heritage, Vol. 3, p.545
In 1857 the Goodwins started the journey to Utah where they spent the winter of 1857–58 in St. George. Early in 1859 they arrived in Lehi where they established a permanent home. It was here that Lucinda met Martin Bushman, a native of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and after one year of courtship the young couple were married March 21, 1863 in Salt Lake City by President Brigham Young. By 1864 they were financially able to buy a city lot and build a small home of their own. Ten children, eight girls and two boys were born to them which included two pair of twins. Both sons filled missions, one, Lewis, dying in the mission field. Seven of her children preceded Lucinda in death. She passed away December 6, 1906 at the age of 63 years. Lucinda was a large woman weighing 200 pounds, 5 ft. 9 in. in height with gray eyes and brown hair. She was of a kindly disposition and happiest when performing loving service for her husband and children. She did not participate in public life and left home only to attend to religious duties or to do some kind deed for a neighbor.


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