Frederick Barker b. 26 March 1876, North Ogden, Utah

Barker, Fred b. 1876

Fred is the son of Henry Barker. Henry’s brother, William is my 2nd Great-grandpa.

LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, Andrew Jenson, Vol. 3, p.307
Barker, Frederick, Bishop of North Ogden (Ogden Stake), Weber county, Utah, was born March 26, 1876, at North Ogden, Utah, the son of Henry Barker and Margaret Staley. He was baptized Sept. 18, 1884, by Newman H. Barker ordained a Priest in his youth; ordained an Elder Nov. 17, 1902, by James Ward, and ordained a High Priest July 26, 1908, by Charles C. Richards and set apart as a member of the High Council of the Ogden Stake. In 1902-1905 he filled a mission to Great Britain, where he acted as secretary of the Bristol conference 18 months. He also visited France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Holland and Belgium. At home he has acted as assistant and subsequently as superintendent of the North Ogden Sunday school, labored as an alternate and afterwards as a regular member of the High Council and subsequently as first counselor to Bishop Ward of the North Ogden Ward, which position he held until Dec. 29, 1912, when he was ordained a Bishop by David O. McKay and set apart to preside over the North Ogden Ward, which position he still holds. Brother Barker has always been active in Church matters and when quite young acted as a Y. M. M. I. A. officer. Otherwise he was a member of the county school board from 1911 to 1915 and has filled many other secular offices. In 1909 (April 29th) he married Della Ann Hickenlooper ( daughter of Charles A. Hiekenlooper and Medora Blanchard), who was born Sept. 24, 1888, in Pleasant View, Weber county, Utah, and has borne her husband four children, namely: Kenneth H., Lowell F., Vanese and Myra. Brother Barker’s principal avocation is that of a farmer and fruit grower.

Barker, Frederick and Della

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