Jacob Bushman died 100 Years ago Today

Bushman, Jacob Portrait with glasses

My 2nd Great-grandfather, Jacob Bushman died 100 years ago today on 25 March 1919 in Fairview, Utah.  He lived 88 years beginning his life in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  His family joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and moved to Nauvoo, Illinois.  In 1846, after the extermination order was given, they settled in Keg Creek, Missiouri, later crossing the plains with family in 1851, Jacob traveled on from Lehi, Utah, to help settle San Bernardino California.  He later returned to Lehi, where he and Charlotte had their children.  Seven of their ten children lived to adulthood.

In 1884 Jacob and Charlotte and their young family were called on a settling mission to help colonize St. Johns Arizona.  After six years of struggling to survive the harsh elements, President Wilford Woodruff sent a letter of release urging them to return to Utah as soon as possible. By now, the family’s savings were depleted. Jacob and Charlotte had just enough left to return to Fairview, where their daughter Sarah and her husband, Henry Fowles, lived.  His beloved Charlotte died in 1899 at age 59

Fairview, Bushman homestead, July 2010 (63)

Jacob and Charlotte Bushman’s homestead log cabin in Fairview, Utah.

Jacob lived in Fairview twenty more years until his death on March 25, 1919, at age eighty-eight. He spent those last years farming, helping to design and construct irrigation ditches, and working in his garden until he was bedridden in 1918. All of Jacob and Charlotte’s children were in attendance at his funeral. Their posterity numbered 106: 65 living and 41 dead. It was the end of an era. Jacob and Charlotte experienced times of great diversity in their lives. They were Pioneers. They watched the Kingdom begin to roll forth. They struggled through hard times and they rose to meet every challenge in the best way they knew how. They raised a righteous and faithful family. They were normal people who lived extraordinary lives.

This is the Bushman Family Temple Record Book.  In it Jacob and his brothers kept a history of their families and their ancestors.  Jacob was the oldest living child.  He knew his family, both living and dead, and he cared for them.

Bushman Temple Record Book (3)

Bushman Family Temple Record Book

Here is a transcription of the opening entry of this Bushman Family Temple Record Book:

Lehi City Jan 22, 1917

This Record Book Dedicated to MARTIN and ELIZABETH BUSHMAN for a Record Book for their Posterity and progenitors by their five living children Namly Jacob Bushman Sarah Bushman Rhodes Martin B. Bushman John Bushman and Elias Albert Bushman

They have done the Temple work for their ansesters as far back as they can get a correct Record and they are still trying to find more names that they may continue the work for the Salvation of the dead

Their Parents brought them into this world cared for them in childhood and taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they wish to do all they can to repay them so they work out their Salvation

We hope who ever hands this Book falls into they will try to preserve it that it may be of use to future posterity

The Recording in this Book thus has been done by Martin B Bushman.

Bushman, Jacob Family in Temple Record Book

The Jacob and Charlotte Bushman family as recorded in the Temple Record Book.

Above is the entry for Jacob and Charlotte’s family.

Today Jacob’s descendants number more than 5000.  We honor and remember Jacob, our Patriarch on this 100th anniversary of the day he left this earth.  We love him.


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