Emanuel Richard Lundquist b. 13 March 1867 “I had a certain work to perform.”

Lundquist, Emanuel

Emanuel Richard Lundquist (1867-1925)

Emanuel Richard Lundquist is my Great-grandpa.  He was born on this day in 1867 in Sweden.  Emanuel had 8 children from his first wife, Grace Honor Bushman, who died in 1912 at age 38.  My Grandma Ruby was their first daughter.  A year later he married Ada Rosa Flory and had 4 more children.  Emanuel died of a heart attack in 1925 at age 58.  His youngest daughter was only 2 years old.  At some time during the last 2 years of his life, Emanuel wrote the story of his life.  In this autobiography he mentioned several close calls he had, which are excerpted below.  He felt his life had been extended because, as he wrote, “I had a certain work to perform.”

From the Autobiography of Emanuel Richard Lundquist:

From what I can learn and remember of my early boyhood, I was of a quiet disposition. When at the age of six years, while going to a well for water in the frosty season, I slipped and fell in the water which was about 12 feet deep. I remember going up and down in the water three times, when through some miraculous manner, I was brought to the top of the well. There was no one there but myself, and at such an age and size, could not help myself, nor understand my position.

The next threat I had was at about the age of 11, while my brother and I were hauling brush from the woods, and crossing a small ditch having no bridge, I rolled off in front and fell with my head in front of one of the wheels. But the oxen stopped just as the wheel touched my head, which was the only thing that prevented instant death that time.

Here is an incident which happened to me while cutting timber in Logan Canyon with one of my brothers. We were sliding logs from above a perpendicular jump of about 150 feet. The flat above where the timber grew was steep enough so the logs would slide at a terrific speed when started, then shot over this jump-off into the depths below, carrying them at times from 8 to 10 feet in the ground. Victor was sideways above me, starting logs, and I was about 2 rods above the edge of the jump-off. One log he started, weighing 700 or 800 pounds, shot downwards, then struck a stump and turned rolling towards me, and before I had time to turn, it was right on me. I began trying to jump over it. I thought I was doomed to go down with it, it rolling at a fast and relentless speed, but at a point of 5 or 6 feet from the edge of the jump, there being a small hollow in the ground, I stumbled into it, and the huge log rolled over me, slightly bruising one of my limbs. I lay there amazed, clinging to a small bush sufficiently strong enough to hold me from falling (rolling) into the depths of eternity. There must have been some unseen power present to prevent the threatening danger being carried out.

Going from there towards Silver City, Idaho, I wintered in the canyon, cutting fence posts. While engaged in this line, I had some very rough experiences, sleeping out in a poor lumber shanty on the frozen ground, and not having enough bedding I would lay shivering with cold at night. I had been there but a short time while I nearly split my foot in the instep with an ax. I had to keep this foot tied up in a gunny sack for two or three weeks, and by the time it was healed up, while chopping off a log a slim tree that had been bent under the log, flew up and struck me square in the eye, knocking me almost senseless, and also perfectly blind in one eye, which caused me a great deal of pain and annoyance for some time. But somehow I managed to get myself into Silver City, quite a distance on foot, there an eye doctor fixed me up, so that eventually I received my sight again.

I am now, however, well aware of the fact that I had a certain work to perform and was not destined to be taken quite so soon. If I had been as attentive as I should have been in the performance of my duties in the church, I would surely have avoided a great deal, if not all, of this trouble. When we are negligent in these things, the adversary or the destroyer has power over us, sometimes to the taking of our lives.

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