Garland F. Bushman b. 22 Feb 1908 m. Glennie Smith, Elsie Fern Schwantez

From Unflinching Courage, by Adele Bushman Westover and J. Morris Richards, pp. 93-95

Garland Foscue Bushman, son of Preston A. Bushman and Anna Smith, was born Feb. 22, 1908, at Joseph City, Arizona. He resided at Joseph City, Snowflake, Holbrook, Winslow, in Arizona and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

After grade school and high school, he attended the Teachers College at Flagstaff, Arizona. He married Glennie Smith, March 18, 1928. They had three children before she died Nov, 8, 1938.

Bushman, Garland Foscue & Glennie

Glennie Smith, daughter of Hyrum Smith and Eliza Tenney, was born October 19, 1907. After completing the grade and high schools she attended and graduated from the Arizona Teachers College at Flagstaff, Arizona. She was an accomplished pianist, and was a church worker. She met and married Garland Foscue Bushman March 18, 1928, in the Arizona Temple at Mesa.

On June 23, 1942 he married Elsie Fern Schwantes, daughter of Carl Henry Schwantes and Elizabeth Loving, at Mesa, Arizona.

Bushman, Garland Foscue & Elsie

Elsie Fern Schwantes, was born January 2, 1915, at Douglas, Arizona. She has been very active in her church. She mothered the three children of her husband by his first marriage, besides raising the two boys of her own.

She has had to shoulder the responsibility of raising the family in the absence of her husband whose business called him from home much of the time.

He moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where two children were born to them. He was manager of the Safeway stores at Holbrook and Winslow. Then he was a salesman for Panther Oil and Grease Company, traveling in Central America, South America and other countries. And he has learned to speak Spanish fluently. He has been active in his Church, and is a patriarch in the Albuquerque Stake.

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3 Responses to Garland F. Bushman b. 22 Feb 1908 m. Glennie Smith, Elsie Fern Schwantez

  1. Julia MacDonell says:

    Hi! My name is Julie and I work in the library in Collbran, Co. Recently some large boxes of CDs were donated to us. I found a homemade CD labeled Schwantes Photos with a note from Alissa Howell inside. There was a phone number included but it is out of service. I am looking up some names and trying to reach someone. It says the photos were intended for genealogy and I know that is important! I have saved the disc and would like to return it to anyone interested.
    Names on the note include:
    Elsie Fern
    Ora Mae
    Thank you!
    Julie MacDonell 970-676-1020

    • Jesse Bushman says:

      Garland is my grandfather, Elise Fern my grandmother. Glendora and Ora Mae were my grandmother’s sisters. Schwantes was their maiden name.

      I would be very happy to have at least copies of those photos, as these are all people who I knew and interacted with as a child.

      Jesse Bushman

  2. conniewebb1msncom says:

    Garland Bushman and Elsie Fern Schwantes are my aunt and uncle. Maybe there progeny would like the CDs.
    Thanks for keeping them safe!
    Connie Bushman Webb

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