Elwin Ewing Bushman b. 17 Jan 1918 and Genevieve Tanner b. 11 Jan 1918

Bushman, Elwin E. and Genevieve Tanner m. 1939 cakeBushman, Elwin E. and Genevieve Tanner m. 1939

From Unflinching Courage, by Adele Bushman Westover and J. Morris Richards, pp. 91-93.

Elwin Ewing Bushman and Genevieve Tanner

Elwin Bushman was born Jan. 17, who were among the original settlers of 1918 in Joseph City, Arizona. He is the son of Alonzo E. Bushman and Edith Smith and a grandson of John Bushman and Lois A. Smith Bushman this community. When he was very small his family moved to Mesa, Arizona where they lived for a short time. He attended school in Joseph City and graduated from the Holbrook High School in May 1935.

He worked for Smith-Heywood for some time and then quit to help his father in the trucking business.

On May 18, 1937 he left for a mission to the Eastern States mission of the church. He was made district president in the Erie District in November 1938. He was released July 24, 1939.
Elwin was married to Genevieve Tanner Oct. 4, 1939 in Salt Lake City. They established a home in Joseph City for a short time and then moved to Globe, Arizona where he was employed.

The family moved back to Joseph City in December 1941 and built a nice home and have lived here since that time. Elwin went into business for himself in the trucking business, hauling coal and feeds from Phoenix Flour mills to Joseph City. He is presently employed by Whiting Brothers in the gas business.

He has held many positions in the church including President of M.I.A., counselor in the Bishopric, high council and is now President of the Snowflake Stake Mission.

Genevieve Tanner was born Jan. 11, 1918 at Joseph City, Arizona. She is the daughter of Arthur Tanner and Roberta Turley and a granddaughter of Henry M. Tanner and Eliza Parkinson Tanner who were Joseph City pioneers.

She attended school in Joseph City and graduated from the Holbrook High School in May 1935. She worked in Holbrook for about two years. On April 26, 1937 she left for a mission to the Texas Mission. She was assigned to Houston, Texas, where she worked in the office there for six months. She spent some time in San Antonio, Texas and in Alexander, La. She was released Nov. 28, 1938 after 20 months in the mission field. She again worked in Holbrook and then took a trip back east to see the Pageant at the Hill Cumorah, and the world fair in New York.

Oct. 4, 1939 she married Elwin Ewing Bushman in Salt Lake City, Utah. They have eight children. The two oldest boys are now on missions for the church. She has been very active in the church holding many positions in the organizations of the church.

Bushman, Elwin E. and Genieve


Floyd Elwin Bushman
John Darrel l Bushman
Laree Bushman
Arthu r Vern Bushman
Blain e J. Bushman
Jeffre y Alonzo Bushman
Maylene Bushman
Nyla Bushman


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