Martha Spencer Bushman, Ranching in Garfield County

Bushman, Martha Spencer b. 1876

Mrs. Martha Spencer Bushman

Heart Throbs of the West, Kate B. Carter, Vol.12, p.265

Escalante–One of the earliest pioneers was Philo Allen, Sr., who operated a ranch and dairy in upper Potato Valley in 1876. He came to Escalante in 1875 and brought the first cattle into the valley. He built a log cabin in Main Canyon and grazed his cattle there the first summer as the grass was knee high. The Indians claimed this land, so he bought the feed from them by giving the Indians the pick of his herd. They took the best heifer he had in his herd, killed, roasted and ate every morsel of her before they left.

Mr. Allen then moved to upper Potato Valley and built a house by hand of hewn logs. Here his wife made cheese and barrels of butter for winter use, and to trade to the Z. C. M. I. for bolts of cloth and family supplies for the coming year.

The Allen Ranch has been handed down from father to son, until it now belongs to a grandson of Philo Allen, Sr. Jennings Allen and his wife, Mildred, now own the ranch; and, although they do not do any dairying, they raise some of the finest potatoes in the valley. Other ranchers were William Cottam, Sr., Joseph H. Spencer, William Alvey, Lacey Laramie, John Heaps and Henry Heaps, Sr. The story is told of the wife of William Cottam, that she lived at their ranch for five years without coming to town. Rufus Liston and family were also ranchers in upper Potato Valley.

The Joseph H. Spencer Ranch was located three miles from the Alvey ranch. An older daughter, Martha Spencer Bushman, was left in charge of the ranch for two years. She had many trying experiences with the Indians.


Martha is the daughter-in-law of Martin Benjamin Bushman and Lucinda Ladelia Goodwin.  She married Lewis Jacob Bushman, who died at age 25 while serving a mission in Kentucky.  She never remarried.  Martha was born 16 January 1876 in Panguitch, Garfield, Utah.  She died 3 November 1952 in Escalante, Garfield, Utah.

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