Jacob Virgil Bushman, b. 4 January 1889, St. Joseph, Arizona

Bushman, Jacob Virgil b. 1889

From Unflinching Courage, by Adele Bushman Westover and J. Morris Richards, p. 101-102

Jacob Virgil Bushman J. Virgil Bushman was born Jan. 4, 1889, at St. Joseph, Arizona. He is the son of John Bushman and Lois A. Smith, who were among the first pioneers of Joseph City in 1876. He was born in the attic of an old log house in Joseph City. He attended schools in Joseph City and the Snowflake Stake Academy, and also Brigham Young University for one year.

Bushman, Jacob Virgil & Ruth Bushman, Jacob Virgil, Fred, Ruth

He married Ruth Campkin Fuller on August 18, 1909, at Salt Lake City, Utah. They had seven sons, six of whom lived to maturity. They bought their first home with borrowed money at 12% interest, and then bought 100 head of cows and went into the cattle business. He received a call for a church mission, and left his little family of three boys, and went to Kentucky April 5, 1916. He was successful as a missionary baptising 34 persons. Ruth and three sons joined him in Kentucky in 1917, and they came home in 1918.

In the fall of 1918 they moved to Mesa, Arizona, and went into the cotton farming, but when the crash came it left them broke. They came back to Navajo County, and Joseph City, to start all over again.

They moved to Winslow in 1926 where they bought 480 acres of land and some water rights. With the help of his sons he put a dam in Chevelon and brought water to his land north of Winslow. He subdivided and sold the land in small parcels.

In 1939 they moved to Provo, Utah, where he went into real estate and insurance. He and his wife went to Hawaii to come home with their son who had been on a mission there.

Bushman, Jacob Virgil and Ruth Fuller

On Nov. 7, 1949, he and his wife were called on a mission to the Southwest Indian Mission among the Hopi and Navajo Indian tribes. They spent two years on this mission and in 1962 he was called back to this mission on some special work.

Bushman, Jacob Virgil

He and his family have all been active in their church, the boys all being married in the temple. Ruth Fuller was born Jan. 6, 1891, at Pine, Gila County, Arizona. She is the daughter of Manson James Fuller and Emerett Randall. She attended school in Pine and also at the Snowflake Stake Academy. They have traveled considerably having visited Mexico and Canada and many other places.

Bushman, Jacob Virgil Family (FS)

Bushman, Jacob Virgil extended family



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