Theodore Turley Advertises in the Nauvoo Neighbor, 27 Dec 1843

On 27 December 1843, Theodore Turley placed the following advertisement in the Nauvoo Neighbor.  On March 10th of that year, Joseph Smith told Theodore that he had no objection to his building a brewery in Nauvoo.

Brewery Turley sign

Theodore Turley begs leave to inform the inhabitants of Nauvoo and vicinity, that he has constantly on hand a supply of Ale, Beer, and Yeast of the best quality for sale, both wholesale and retail, at his Brewery corner of Hyde and Water Streets. NB Whiskey, Beer and Cider Barrells taken in exchange for Beer and Ale.

Below is an advertisement Theodore Turley placed in the Colonial Advocate in Upper Canada in January 1829 shortly after his arrival in America.  He advertises making beer and cider pumps, as well as a variety of other tools and blacksmith work:

1829 01 01 Theodore Beer & Cider Pump Ad 1

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