Harvey Cluff Turley b. 16 December 1901

Turley, Harvey Cluff

From Unflinching Courage, by Adele Bushman Westover and J. Morris Richards pp. 598-599
Harvey Cluff Turley, the grandson of Isaac Turley and Sarah Greenwood, who were among the early settlers, was born in Colonia Garcia, Mexico, on December 16, 1901. His mother died when he was 10 years old, while they were living at Morales, Mex.

A little later the Mormon colonists were driven out of Mexico and came to the States. The Turley family was among them. They lived in Woodruff, Arizona, a short time, moving to St. Joseph in 1916.

At the age of 16 years he went to work to help make a livelihood for the family, working at different jobs but mainly for the State Highway maintenance, until his marriage in 1927.

After marriage he worked as surveyor on highway and lived at Quartsite, Arizona, for six months as a Civil Engineer. His work moved the family from place to place for nearly three years.

His father being a mason and plasterer, helped him to build a home, and the family moved to Joseph City, their present home, in 1941. The family consists of eight children, six boys and two girls.

He was school custodian and bus driver for the Joseph City school district for ten years. On rhe side he repaired shoes, having his own shop. In 1954 he bought a shoe repair shop in Holbrook.

Dora Ellen Sainsbury Turley, daughter of Ezra Leroy Sainsbury and Hattie Jane Call, was born at Bountiful, Utah, September 10, 1907.

Her schooling began in Bountiful, where she attended for six years. She then went to South Junior High for three years, and to the South Davis High at Kaysville, Utah for one year.

She worked in the Post Office for 2 V2 years. She was married to Harvey C. Turley on July 13, 1927, and moved with her husband to Arizona. She and her family have been active in the church.

During her lifetime she has held many church positions, namely: Secretary and teacher in the religion class, secretary of M.I.A., Relief Society visiting teacher, teacher and counselor to president of the Primary, teacher and Jr. Sunday School Supt. She has been an active member of the choir and of the Singing Mothers.

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