Elias Albert Bushman, Sr and Jacob Bushman and the Sheep Industry in Lehi, Utah

Bushman, Elias & Jacob, Sheep Industry in Lehi

Sheep industry in Lehi Utah
By A. W. Davis

According to history and the best information available the beginning of the sheep business in Lehi dates back to the days of Clark and Winn (W. Clark, Wm. H. Winn), both early pioneers of Lehi. These men confined their operations in this business in those primitive days on the hills and grazing lands near Lehi. Their place of shearing their sheep, and also their lambing range was confined principally to the area now called Tickville about thirteen miles northwest of here.

Whoever was responsible for naming this area Tickville in early days was well justified because of the multitude of wood ticks, which never fail to make a healthy appearance there in the springtime of each year.

It might be interesting to note that the lands herein described above which were used by these pioneers for their shearing and lambing operations in early days, are still used for the same purpose.

It is a well established fact that at the time of the beginning of this business, the forage and feed provided by nature was in great abundance; it was the days of free range, and was an easy matter for flocks to be pastured the full year close to home, but the marketing conditions of those days were much inferior to the present time.

Ted Evans, an early settler of Lehi, was a‘so engaged in this business for a short time. Thomas Webb, when only a boy, was herder and caretaker in the employ of Clark and Winn, but later was determined to engage in this business for himself.

The beginning was very difficult and full of disappointments, but because of his untiring efforts and good management, he succeeded in building this business to a fair size, which he continued to operate nearly to the time of his death.

Shortly after the time Thomas Webb began operating in the business, E. A. Bushman, Sr. and John Peterson formed a partnership and operated together for some time. Later their partnership was dissolved and E. A. Bushman, Sr., continued with this business for several years. He was instrumental in providing opportunities for others to‘ engage in these activities without much capital, by Teasing his sheep out to them.

James Bushman [Jacob], his brother, was engaged for a short time and was followed by Murdock Brothers of Lehi, leasing the Bushman sheep, and after the expiration of their lease, it was given to E. A. Bushman, Jr., and A. W. Davis, who operated this business for a short time and later dissolved partnership. E. A. Bushman, Jr. then continued this business nearly to the time of his death.

(This article continues in the History of Lehi, pp. 560-564.)

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