Roberta Turley b. 28 Oct 1898 and Arthur Tanner, Arizona Pioneers

Tanner, Arthur and Roberta Turley

Roberta Turley and Arthur Tanner

Unflinching Courage pp. 559-561

Arthur Tanner was born Sept. 19, 1892, in Sr. Joseph, Arizona. He was the eighth child of Henry M. and Eliza Ellen Parkinson Tanner. The Tanner home at the time he was born was located a few miles east of town and was known as the Tanner Ranch. Arthur’s parents were early risers and hard workers and they required the same attributes of their children. They were always up and had the morning chores completed before daylight.

When Arthur was ten years old, his father took a herd of A.C.M.I. sheep to raise on shares and Arthur went with him to graze the sheep around Heber during the spring and summer. However disaster struck in the early part of May when a snow storm came and covered the ground with ten inches of snow, causing many of the ewes and lambs to die. With this loss his father turned to freighting for a living. He would haul a load of freight to Keams Canyon and then load up with lime from their pits there and haul it back.

Arthur was taken along to help drive the horses. In 1910 Arthur went to Snowflake to attend the Stake Academy. He lived one year with his sister Eva and one year with his brother LeRoy. He especially enjoyed the sports and at one time held the record for the high jump, being able to clear 6 feet 2 in. It was while in Snowflake that he met his future wife, Roberta Turley, youngest daughter of Theodore W. Turley and Mary Agnes Flake.

Turley, Fred, Lowell and Roberta

Fred, Lowell and Roberta Turley

Tanner, Roberta Turley

Roberta was born October 28, 1889, at Snowflake, Arizona. Her parents lived on a ranch at Aripine where Roberta lived most of her girlhood, riding horses and doing the chores assigned to her, and going into Snowflake to school. Her mother died when she was twelve and her father married Salina Smithson to take over the raising of his motherless children. Roberta lived for some time in the home of her oldest brother and his wife, L. Barr and Grace Freeman Turley.

In 1912 Arthur joined the state militia and four years later, in 1916, he and his brother LeRoy were called to serve in the Mexican War. As they were leaving Bishop John Bushman called them to him and gave them his solemn promise that if they would live up to their religion and do good they would not have to stay for more than three months, and that they would return in good health. Three months to the day they were back home, having suffered no more serious accident than Arthur breaking his right ankle.

In 1914 Arthur was called to go to Snowflake and take the first preparation course for the then new Boy Scout Program. On February 12, 1917, Roberta Turley and Arthur were married at Snowflake by Howard Shumway. Then in April of the same year they traveled to Salt Lake City and were married in the Temple.

The first few years of married life were spent in farming. Arthur worked on the dry farm in Chino Valley with Laron Bates. In 1922 he bought into a dairy business founded by R. C. Tanner and Alonzo E. Bushman in St. Joseph. They furnished milk for the town of Holbrook.

Later Arthur bought out the other two and started to haul milk into Winslow. Other stockholders were allowed to join in and the dairy became the Joseph City Dairy Association. Arthur sold his interest and went to work in the construction business with his brother Rollin and John Turley. Later he moved to Winslow where he ran a ranch for a few years, and then became a maintenance man for the school there, which job he held until his retirement in 1961.

Turley, Roberta and Arthur Tanner Familiy

Arthur and Roberta Tanner Family

Arthur’s church work has included assistant both first and second, as well as Superintendent of the Sunday School in Joseph City and Winslow. He was assistant to the Stake High Councilman in charge of Ward Teaching and is a Stake Missionary. He sent one daughter, Genevieve on a mission to the Texas Mission in 1937. Arthur and Roberta are the parents of eight children, all of whom are married. They have 23 grandchildren.


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