Sarah Sadie Smith Greaves b. 23 October 1893

Smith, Sarah b. 1893
Sarah Smith Greaves was born October 23,1893, at Snowflake, Arizona, the oldest child of John Walter and Lois Bushman Smith and the granddaughter of John and Lois A. Smith Bushman. She attended the Snowflake public school and graduated from Snowflake Stake Academy in May 1915. During high school days she learned to play the piano and was organist for the ward M.I.A. 1911T2. She sang in choruses and school operas. The winter of 1917-18 she attended the Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and majored in business. That summer and fall finished a business course at the L.D.S. Business College in Salt Lake City. She held a stenographer job with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. in Phoenix for the winter and spring of 1919.

Greaves, Harry George b. 1887Greaves, Harry & Sadie Smith

On October 2, 1919, she was married to Harry G. Greaves. Two children were born in Snowflake. Her husband started a carpenter shop in Winslow. After two years there they moved to Salt Lake City in 1923. Sadie, as she was commonly called by her family, helped to compile her grandfather Bushman’s family history in 1921-23. While in Salt Lake lived in Burton Ward, Central Park, Nibley Park, Wilford, Grandview and Kenwood Wards.

She was organist for the Relief Society in the Nibley Park Ward 1933-35. In 1935 she moved on two acres of land at 3203 So. 17th East and lived in a small lumber home until in 1940 her husband built a large white lumber home of eight rooms. She has worked in genealogy work and acted as historian of the John Bushman family. She was called with her husband on a mission in the Wilford Stake 1952-55. She has worked as Relief Society visiting teacher in her ward. She is a member of the Grandview Camp of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.

Theoharis George Grivos is his name as he was known in his homeland of Greece. He was born July 24, 1887, at Lafkos Volo, Greece. He was the first child of George John Grivos and Hariklea Malamatis. His mother died when he was two weeks old. He attended the school of his town. When 14 years old he became an apprentice to the carpenter trade and mastered this work in two years. When he was 20 he came to America in 1905. He worked at many different kinds of jobs in New York City and got enough money to move west. He worked in Wyoming, Utah, California and Arizona.

In California he bought a box of carpenrer tools and came on to Arizona and started to work at his trade. While in Snowflake, Arizona, he first heard about the Mormon Church. In September, 1917, he was drafted in the U.S. Army for World War I. In May, 1918, while in training at Camp Kearney, Calif., he was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and then went directly overseas with the army and served in many important engagements. He was with the army of occupation in Germany and served with the 4th Engineers. He received an honorable discharge from the army at Ft. Bliss, Texas, in August, 1919.Smith, Sarah m. Greaves Family

He was married October 2, 1919, to Sarah (Sadie) Smith at Snowflake, Arizona. In June 1920 they went to the Salt Lake Temple and were sealed. He moved his family to Winslow, Arizona, and started a carpenter shop going into partnership with a fellow countryman, James Savos. In 1923 he sold his interest in the shop and took his wife and two children in a Model T Ford to Salt Lake City. He joined the American Federation of Labor and worked at his trade in and around Salt Lake City.Greaves, Sarah & Harry Family

While in Central Park Ward he was ordained a Seventy by Melvin J. Ballard in 1927. In Nibley Park Ward he was called to be a home missionary 1933-34-35. He has been visiting ward teacher in every ward he lived in. The summer of 1935 he moved on
two acres of land in southeast part of Salt Lake and built a home for his family of six children. They lived in Grandview Ward. In 1945-48 he was a Stake Missionary in the East Mill Creek Stake. August 10, 1952-54 he was called to be a missionary with his wife in the Wilford Stake. He is a ward teacher in Kenwood Ward. In 1954 he was ordained a High Priest. February 5, 1954, with his wife he left Salt Lake City to go the long journey to Greece to visit his home town.

Greaves, Sarah Smith familySmith, Sarah and Theoharis Georgios

The Bushman Family History by Newbern Butt, pp. 157
Sarah Sadie Smith, born 23 October 1893, Snowflake, Arizona. Residence: Snowflake, Arizona; Salt Lake City, Utah. Attended BYU. Sunday School teacher, 1912-15, Snowflake; organist, MIA, Snowflake and SLC; Historian of the John Bushman Family, and helped compile written history. She m. 2 October 1919, Snowflake, Arizona, Harry George Greaves, son of George John Greaves and Haricleah Malamates. He was born 24 July 1887, Lafcos, Greece. He apprentice-shipped in Old Country, carpenter. Served in Engineer div., WWI. Stake Missionary, 1946-48; ward teacher.

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