Albin Richard Meisel b. 3 May 1887, drowned 13 August 1907 at age 20

Albin Richard Meisel is a brother to my husband’s grandmother, Charlotte Christine Meisel.  The Meisel family lived in Zwickau, Germany.  Albin was active in the Merchant Marine Shipping Service, in Bremen, Germany, at time of death. He drowned off the coast of Bremen, Germany.  Albin had a twin brother named Martin, who died a few weeks after birth.  They were the only boys in a family with 8 daughters.

Meisel family emigrated to America in 1909, when their youngest daughter was 9 years old.  They arrived on Ellis Island on the 17th of July, 1909, after departing from Hamburg, Germany on the 8th of July, 1909. The ship’s name was the “Amerika.” Their last residence was listed as Plauen, Germany.  The family moved to a home on the Cannon’s farm in Salt Lake City at 10th South and 8th West.

What a heartbreak for this family to lose their only living son.

Meisel, Albin Richard, drowned, Bremen

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