Homer F. Bushman b. 6 August 1868, Lehi, Utah

From Unflinching Courage, pp. 97-99

Bushman, Homer Frederick

Homer Frederick Bushman

Homer F. Bushman, eldest son of John Bushman and Lois Angeline Smith (save a brother who died in infancy) was born at Lehi, Utah and moved to St. Joseph, Arizona, with the family when he was about ten years old.

He was more fortunate than many of those youngsters who grew up in a pioneer community hundreds of miles from population centers of that time. He went to Brigham Young University for one year, as a member of the charter class under Dr. Karl G. Maeser.

He was a farmer, teacher and merchant in St. Joseph. He filled a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Swiss-German Mission from December 27, 1894 to July 11,1897. While there he learned well the German language, and at home also learned to speak Spanish and Navajo

In St. Joseph (Joseph City) he was superintendent of religion classes (weekday religious instruction) for 17 years, and served also as mission president for the Snowflake Stake Mission and senior president of the 83rd Quorum of Seventy.

While in St. Joseph he also served as second assistant superintendent of the Sunday School and a teacher and ward chorister. After moving to Snowflake, upon selling his store and other interests in St. Joseph, he continued his church work. He was also active as a merchant in Snowflake. He served two years as a town councilman and two years as mayor of Snowflake.

He died at Mesa, Arizona, December 2, 1936, and was buried in Snowflake cemetery.

Bushman, Homer Frederick & Sariah Annie Smith 1890

Homer Frederick Bushman and Sariah Annie Smith

Homer was married to Sariah Ann Smith, daughter of Jesse N. Smith and Janet M. Johnson, in the Mormon Temple at Manti, Utah, on November 19, 1890.

She was a school teacher, Sunday School teacher, president of the ward Primary Association in St. Joseph and president of the Snowflake Stake Primary Association. In the ward Relief Society at St. Joseph she was a class leader, a second counsellor, and secretary.

She was known for her wide knowledge of the scriptures, and for her love for unfortunate children. She became the mother of ten children.

Bushman, Homer Frederick Sr Family

The Homer Frederick Bushman Sr Family Back Row: Silas Aikens, Lyman Smith, Florence, Homer Frederick Front Row: Curtis Johnson, Martin Degen, Mary, Karl Maeser

Bushmsn, Homer with Sariah, Karl, Mary, Lyman, Marguerite

Sariah and Homer with children: Karl, Mary, Lyman, and Marguerite

Following her death on December 26, 1922, at Snowflake, Homer F. remained a widower until October 2, 1924, when he married Lily Owen, daughter of John Owen and Eliza Ann Wilkes.  Lily was a native of England. They had been married 13 years when Homer died.

Following his death in 1936, she continued to work in the Mormon Temple at Mesa, where he also had worked for two years before his passing.

Homer and Sariah:Bushman, Homer Frederick FGS, home

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