Grant Moroni Bushman b. 27 July 1923, St. Joseph, AZ

From Unflinching Courage, pp. 95-96

Grant Moroni Bushman, son of J. Virgil Bushman and Ruth Fuller, was born July 27, 1923 at St. Joseph, Navajo County, Arizona. He graduated from the grade schools and the high school and then he graduated from the Brigham Young University at Provo, Utah.

He was in the World War II. He was a Lt. Navigator in the South Pacific from 1942 to 1946, and is still in the Reserve Air Corps — Captain.

He married July 10, 1943, Jessie Laurel Baird, daughter of William Henry Baird and Winnie Murdock.  She was born May 14, 1924 at Heber, City, Utah.

Bushman, Grant & Laurel

He has been active. He was a Counselor in the M.I.A. in Provo; M.I.A. Class leader in Overton, Nevada, 1949 to 1950; Counselor in Elders Quorum in Manavu Ward, Provo. He has taught Physical Education and was coach in High School at Overton, Nevada.

Bushman, Grant Moroni Family

The Bushman Family History by Newbern Butt, pp. 179-80
Grant Moroni Bushman
Grant was born 27 July 1923 in Joseph City, Arizona. Residence: Provo, Utah; Overton, Nevada. He graduated from BYU. High School coach and teacher of physical education in Overton and at B. Y. High School in Provo. Lieutenant and navigator in the Air Corps in the Pacific 1942-46. Now in the reserve Air Corps. MIA Superintendet and Counselor in Provo and Overton; class leader of the MIA in Overton. Counselor in the Elder’s Quorum, Manavu Ward, Provo. President of the Elder’s Quorum 1955. He married 10 July 1943, Lubock, Texas, Jessie Laurel Baird, daughter of William Henry Baird and Winnie Murdock. She was born 14 May 1924 in Heber City, Utah.

Bushman, Grant Moroni & Laurel Baird

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