Life Sketch of Shirley Tobler Bushman (1920-2004), wife of Frank Wayne Bushman

Bushman, Wayne and Shirley

I, Shirley Tobler Bushman, was born the second daughter of Vernon and Olive Dodge Tobler. My advent into the world was on a hot July 25th, 1920 in St. George, Utah. I was blessed Oct. 30th, 1920 by James L. Jones. I am 5 foot 3 inches in height, and about 10 or 15 lbs. heavier than I would like to be. My eyes are green, my hair coloring a little darker than a medium brown.

Along with my brother, Walter, and two sisters, Norma and Beverly, I enjoyed what I like to remember as a happy carefree childhood. Although things much not have been this carefree for my parents, as life wasn’t easy for us during those depression years. As a result, because of the necessity of making a living for his family, my father moved us many times. Not only did we move from Southern Utah to Salt Lake City, but we also moved rather often within Salt Lake itself. My parents were kind and loving. I appreciate the many sacrifices they made for us which they did without complaint. I also appreciate the confidence they always had in me.

I attended Kindergarten in Salt Lake, first and second grades in Santa Clara, third, fourth and fifth grades in Salt Lake, and then we moved back to Ivins where I attended seventh and eighth grades in Santa Clara and the rest of my high school and one year of college at Dixie College in St. George.

After leaving school I found employment in Salt Lake City. It was while working at the Hotel Temple Square as a cashier that I was introduced, by a friend, to Frank Wayne Bushman, a boy from Lehi, Utah. I was greatly impressed with this fine young man who had recently returned from serving a mission to Texas and Louisiana. It didn’t take very long before I had given my heart to him. To me he was by far the most outstanding example of young manhood I had ever met in my life. He was completely dedicated to serving the Lord to the best of his ability. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple on October 2, 1941, then moved to Lehi where we began building our life together. My husband is a dairy farmer. He works long hard hours as he has always given much time in church service besides taking of a great number of cows. He has served as a bishop in Lehi, Utah, and is now the first counselor in the Payson, Utah Stake Presidency. We moved to Payson almost thirteen years ago [in 1961], where we bought a larger farm.
At the present time I have just completed my fifth year as a Spiritual Living teacher of my ward. I have also been a Relief Society President, in M.I.A. and Primary Presidency, although my great love is teaching and I have spent most of my years doing that.

To our union has been born seven children. They are Eileen, Marilyn, Kenneth & Carole (twins), Janice, Neil and JaLaine. Our five oldest children are now married. All have been married in the temple. We also have fourteen beautiful grandchildren. Our son Kenneth has filled an Alaska Canadian mission. Our other son Neil will enter the mission home August 3, of this year, prior to leaving for the Argentina South Mission. Three of our son-in-laws have also served in the mission field. I am proud of my family as all are striving to live the commandments of the Lord and are actively engaged in their church responsibilities.

I have often felt badly that I wasn’t blessed with musical ability as I know so many of the Tobler family have been. I don’t know of any special talents the Lord has blessed me with, but I do know that I greatly enjoy people, that I love to read and study the gospel, that I really enjoy church service. I have been blessed as a mother in Israel and have spent the years since I was married taking care of my family and church responsibilities. I have been blessed with health and strength, with those things necessary to having a good life. I am grateful to the Lord for his goodness to me.

Bushman, Wayne & Shirley FamilyBushman, Wayne Family members

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