Stephen Franklin, b. 29 June 1829, husband of Sarah Elizabeth Turley–Explosion in Colton 12 March 1889

Franklin, Stephen d. 1989 Colton SB.jpg

The Theodore Turley Family Book, p. 83

Sarah Elizabeth Turley was born September 24, 1835 in Churchville, Toronto, Canada. She married Stephen Franklin in 1855. He was born June 29, 1829 to Nathaniel and Catherine Franklin. Sarah died on March 24, 1914 in Colton, California.

Children of Sarah and Stephen Franklin:
Charlotte Elizabeth Franklin, m. John Norman Miller; d. 1922.
Frances Catherine Franklin, b. 1860; m. Welch; d. 1888
Mary Ann Franklin, b.1861; m. Dec 25, 1898, Angus McKinley
Stephen Harmon Franklin, b.1863
Thomas Theodore Franklin, b.1866; d.1916

Census records say he was a carpenter in 1870 and a blacksmith in Colton in 1886

Colton 1887 Map

The Daily Courier, San Bernardino, California 12 March 1889
An explosion occured yesterday about one half mile south of Colton, at the blacksmith shop of Stephen Franklin, which demoralized the building completely and bruised Mr. Franklin up considerably, though he fortunately and miraculously escaped severe injury. In a corner of the shop he had a box of giant powder [TNT] and some caps, and while at work, a spark flew into the powder. It commenced burning and he saw it. He picked up a bucket of water to throw on it, but a spark flew into the caps and the whole thing went off. The building was blown to splinters and the shock was distinctly heard at Colton. Mr. Franklin had his face badly cut and one of his limbs injured, but not so badly but that he can walk about, and will only feel the effects a few days.

The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, CA
Sunday 17 April 1898, p. 3

Stephen Franklin a well known pioneer of this county died at his home in Colton on Tuesday last April 12th, of apoplexy of the brain.

Mr. Franklin was born in Antworth, Jefferson county, New York, June 29th, 1830, and came to San Bernardino In the spring of 1852 and has been with slight interruption a citizen of this county ever since, well known as a quiet und honorable citizen, and following the occupation of a blacksmith. In the year 1853 he married Miss Sarah E. Turley, with whom he lived a happy life. Five children survive him and were In attendance at the funeral, Mrs. John Miller, Mary A. Franklin, Stephen Harman Franklin, Thomas T. Franklin and George O. Franklin, All resident of this county, except Stephen, whose home is in Riverside county.

The cause of his death occurred about nine years ago, when 60 pounds of giant powder were accidentally exploded in his blacksmith shop, which blew the building to pieces and injured him so that he gradually declined, ending with his death on Tuesday last. He was buried in the Colton cemetery, the Baptist minister of Colton officiating and a large number of friends and neighbors and many old pioneer friends attending to manifest their admiration of the many noble qualities possessed by him who had passed away, and; to express the deep sympathy entertained towards the widow and family in this their hour of affliction



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