Joseph Hartley Turley b. 1872, Beaver, Utah

From Unflinching Courage by Adele Bushman Westover and J. Morris Richards pp. 604-606.

Turley, Joseph Hartley b. 1872 young boy   Turley, Joseph Hartley b. 1872

Joseph Hartley Turley was born at Beaver, Utah, on June 19, 1872. He was the son of Isaac Turley and Sarah Greenwood. There were twelve children in the family.

When Joe was four years old, his father and mother moved from Beaver, Utah to Lehi, Arizona in the Dan Jones Company in the spring of 1877.

They spent one summer there and Sarah being a large woman couldn’t stand the heat so they asked permission from the church to move to St. Joseph, on the Little Colorado. They lived there four years.

Joe was baptized there. Then they moved to Snowflake, in 1881, and to Old Mexico in 1885.

In May 1893 he went to England on a mission for the L.D.S. Church. This was where his mother and grandparents were born. He visited the man for whom he was named, his grandmother’s brother, Joseph Hartley.

Turley, Joseph Hartley (right) missionary

On his return he married his sweetheart Nina Abbie Cluff. To this union were born five children.
In 1912 Joe moved his family to Arizona and lived in Woodruff. He was a mud mason and brick layer and in 1914 he got work at Joseph City, the same place he lived as a boy.

While in Joseph City he boarded at a hotel owned by John McLaws, and there he found his second wife, JoAnna McLaws. They were married May 5, 1915. To this union were born four children.

Joe and Josie lived in Joseph City from 1916 to 1941 when Joe died with pneumonia in the Winslow hospital on October 31, 1941.

As a boy Joe was very fond of horses and cattle, he herded them on the mountains in Old Mexico. He was ever fond of trees, too, and his father brought shrubs and fruit trees to Lehi from Beaver, Utah, then up to St. Joseph.

Joe has left many trees planted as a monument to his industry. There are many houses in Winslow that he plastered. He worked for Olds Brothers building contractors of Winslow.

One of the last things he plastered was the L.D.S. Chapel in Joseph City when it was remodeled in 1940.

His last years were spent in genealogy work. He was a member of the Seventys Quorum and plastered the house in Holbrook that they built to finance missionaries in the field.

Turley, Joseph Hartley and Joanna McLaws

Joseph Hartley Turley and Joanna McLaws

JoAnna McLaws Turley was born November 22, 1877, at the Old Fort at St. Joseph, Arizona. When three months old her parents went back to Tooele, Utah, to sell the property they had left. They returned in the spring and lived at the fort until Josie was 11 years old and had five brothers and sisters to help care for.

The family then moved to their big home in Joseph City. The home is still housing a McLaws family.

When Josie was seven years old her parents bought the first organ in the settlement. They shipped it to Joseph City on one of the first trains through there. Josie’s father knew the notes and taught them to her and she picked out the rest by ear and was one of the first organists in Joseph City. Later she started many students in music on a piano.

Josie had an average education for that time, eight grades in Joseph City and one year at the Snowflake Academy.

While quite young she was made a Sunday School teacher. Her first class was almost as old as she was but she didn’t get discouraged easily and taught many years.

Josie liked to sew and became an expert dressmaker. In 1906 she went to Flagstaff and opened a dress shop. Her sister Alice helped her and they were successful, but moved back to Joseph City in 1913.

Turley, Joseph Hartley b. 1872 older

Turley, Joseph Hartley obit 1941



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