Remembering Peggy Conley Lewis d. 27 May 2005

My mother-in-law, Catherine Elizabeth “Peggy” Conley Lewis died on this day in 2005.  As I knew her, she was a quiet, soft-spoken peaceful woman who sat and observed and only gave advice when it was asked for.  She had a strong will, expressed in a quiet way.

She loved gardening and puttering around the yard.  She knew the name of every flower and bloom and she figured she could pull a weed on the Sabbath if she didn’t use a tool.

We miss her quiet sure influence in our lives and wish our children had lived to know her better.  Today we remember Peggy.

Lewis, Peggy & John gardening

Advice from Peggy:

Take your time making decisions. 

Consider all the angles. 

Stay close to good people, whose example will be good for you.

Lewis, John & Peggy 1990

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