Death and Prayer of Elizabeth Degen Bushman, 21 May 1878, Lehi Utah as recorded in John Bushman’s Journal

Elizabeth Degen Bushman is my 3rd Great-grandma.  She died 21 May 1878 in Lehi, Utah.  Here is an account of her death as recorded in her son, John’s journal.  The transcription follows.

1887-5-6 Elizabeth Degen Bushman death, prayer (1)1887-5-6 Elizabeth Degen Bushman death, prayer (2)1887-5-6 Elizabeth Degen Bushman death, prayer (3)

Here is a transcription of John Bushman’s account of his mother’s death:

[. . . went to Lehi]
where they arrived on May 4th 1878
and found all well ixcept his mother who
had been looking for them several days and
was very Pleased to see her Son John again in
this world.  She never fully Recovered.
She had the attention of her children all the
remaining days she lived, ever since she was
a member of the Church She spoke in Tongue
John having been away so much now felt it
his duty to stay near his aged Mother.
On May 6th 1878 while most of her children were present
She spoke the following Prayer in Tongues
and it was interpreted By Mary Ann Davis
an Old Friend as Follows.
“My Father and my God that dwelleth in
the Heavens. The Father of my Spirit and
the Spirits of all men, look upon me in
Pitty Because I am thy Daughter, and I feel that
I am about to pass the valley and shadow
of death, But I will fear no evil for
Thou wilt be my prop and my stay. My
mind is as calm as a Summer’s morning,
and I have a Peace that Passeth understanding
Permit me, Oh God, to Depart in Peace,
for my body not to be Racked with Pain
and anguish. Lay underneath me thy
arms of love to be my stay and my support.
Oh my Father, a joy unspeakable fills my
Breast because I shall soon behold thy
Face. Fools have said in their hearts, there
is no God, But I know that Thou art the
Living God, I have trusted in thee, and
have never been confounded. Oh Lord, I have
been many years from thee and thy
Presence, I have endured many trials, Pain
and anguish of body, But Oh thank thee
for my Body thou has given me, for
my mission and my work to do upon
Earth.  I have done my work and through
Thy Grace been Faithful to thee and
they cause.  Oh Thou God of my Salvation
and the Salvation of the sons of men,
I thank thee that through thy grace I


have kept my Body Ppure and undefiled,
for which I thank Thee, Oh God.
Oh my Father, comfort the hearts of my
Family and friends which are dear to me.
I shall only be separated from you for a little
season, when in the morning of the Resurrection
I shall arise without this frail body having
an Immortal one. Oh my Father, a joy unspea-
-kable fills my Soul, and Rapture fills my
heart for the veil will soon be rent and I
Shall behold my companion and
Children that have gone before me. I
Shall meet them with joy and not with grief
and more I shall behold Thy Face and enjoy
Thy Smiles, and thy Presence and Bask
in Thy Favor forever more. Oh my children
and friends, be true to God and His work
and He will take you through the gates
of Death and there will be a light in the
valey for you. My Savior will let me
lean on His arm so I will not be afraid
nor fear any evil. My heart rejoices in God
my Savior, Although my body has pain,
and anguish, have faith and pray for me
that I may depart in Peace, and when you
lay me in the Grave, mourn not for me,
But Rejoice that I am delivered from this
Body of Anguish and if you shed tears, let
them not be of Bitterness, Be Faithfull
to the truth and all shall be well with you.
We shall only be separated for a little season.
God Bless you all. Oh Lord, Grant that
my name may not Pass into Oblivion,
But that it may be remembered from
Generation to Generation, Because I have^ tried to
keep thy Commandments. Amen.
She never rallied and gained her Strength
But could converse, and enjoyed the
company of her children & friends.  But
gradualy grew weaker, untill my 21st
She Passed away surrounded by her
Family.  4 sons and one Daughter, she had
lived a very usefull life among the sick


and had traveled all over Lehi all hours of
the day and nights.  She was Beloved by all.
many mourners followed her to her last resting
Place.  on June 10th 1878 all her children met
at her Home and divided her Property among
them, all seemed Perfectly Satisfied.  There has
never been heard of any complaint since.

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3 Responses to Death and Prayer of Elizabeth Degen Bushman, 21 May 1878, Lehi Utah as recorded in John Bushman’s Journal

  1. Ann Kuhn says:

    Hi Ann. I am Suel and Wanda Bushman’s oldest Grandchild. I live here in Washington State. If I have it correct you are related through Aunt Ruia and Uncle George. I remember them coming to Grandpa and Grandmas house.

    • Hi Ann! I descend through Jacob and Charlotte through their daughter Grace Honor Bushman. Her daughter was Ruby Grace Lundquist Smuin. My mom is her daughter, daughter, Grace Helen Smuin Laemmlen. Suel is my 1st cousin 3 generations back (3x removed). Who are your parents? Nice to meet you!

  2. Krissie Bushman says:

    Fun to read! Thanks for sharing, especially since we are going to the reunion in Pennsylvania in August

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