Edgar Wayne Turley b. 20 May 1916 in Woodruff, Arizona

Turley, Edgar Wayne and Mary Pearl Kutch

The Theodore Turley Family Book, pp. 249-250

Edgar Wayne was born In a humble three-room shack in Woodruff, Ariz. May 20, 1916 to Hyrum and Pearl Turley. He grew up, a bashful boy, in Woodruff, completing all his elementary schooling there. He then attended his first two years of high school in Snowflake and his final two in Holbrook, graduating in 1934. He attended the University of Arizona in Tucson for two years.

Turley, Hyrum and Pearl Family

On Aug. 23, 1938 he married Mary Pearl Kutch in the Salt Lake Temple. He met her when she came to Woodruff to teach school.

While living in Woodruff, Edgar served as dance director and MIA Superintendent. He next moved to Winslow where he worked for the Santa Fe Railroad.

Here he was again made MIA Superintendent and after living and serving in this capacity for five years, he moved to Holbrook and was given the same job. At the end of that year he was made bishop of the Holbrook Ward and served six years. Upon his release as bishop, he served as Aaronic Advisor, MIA Stake Board member, Stake Missionary, and then branch president of the Lamanite Branch for six years. At the present time he is serving as Holbrook Stake and Holbrook 2nd Ward dance director.

Kutch, Mary Pearl m. Ed Turley

Mary Kutch Turley, daughter of Robert Monroe and Lottie Babb Stockett Kutch, was born in Tucumcari, New Mexico April 15, 1914. She lived there until she was four years old, at which time her parents moved to Taylor, Arizona, and then to Lakeside. Here she lived until she graduated from high school, riding the bus to Snowflake her final two years of high school. She graduated in 1931. She then attended Arizona State Teacher’s College at Flagstaff and graduated with a three-year teaching degree in 1934. The following winter she went to Woodruff, Arizona to teach school and it was there she met Edgar Wayne Turley.

When their first daughter was born, she embarked on a homemaking career and dropped out of teaching (except when badly needed during a teacher shortage during World War II) until after her second son and next to the last child was old enough to enter school. Except for a two-year break, when her last daughter was born, she has taught in the Holbrook schools until the present time. She Is now the head teacher in the Hulet School in Holbrook.

She accepted her first Church job at the age of twelve, when she was made Primary Secretary, and has held one or more Church positions ever since. While attending college she was a Sunday School teacher. Since then she had been dance director, YWMIA counselor and Relief Society president in Woodruff; dance director and MIA counselor in Winslow; and MIA counselor, stake Junior Gleaner, Beekeeper, Relief Society Social Science leader, MIA adult teacher, Sunday School Coordinator for the Junior Sunday School, Lamanite Branch Primary and Sunday School teacher and Primary Inservice leader at Holbrook. She is now the Holbrook Stake and Holbrook Second Ward dance director with her husband.

Turley, Edgar Wayne and Mary Pearl Kutch sketch

Children of Edgar Wayne and Mary Kutch Turley:
Carolyn Turley Perkins
Judith Turley Johnson
Marvin Edgar Turley
Kathleen Turley Boyse
James Turley
Susan Coleen Turley

Turley, Floyd, George, Marion and Edgar Wayne


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