Johann Ebel b. 17 May 1629, Grossgartach, my 9th Great-grandpa

Wackershofen (50)

I took this photo at the Hohenloher Freiland Museum in Wackershofen. The homes and buildings in this outdoor living museum gives a good feel of life in earlier times in southern Germany not so far from where my family lived.

Here is the page from the Grossgartach church records showing Johann Ebel’s birth on 17 May in 1629.  I am grateful for these wonderful church records that hold my family’s history in their pages.Ebel, Johann b. 1629Here is the entry for his birth:Ebel, Johann b. 1629 entry

This is my ancestry from this family line:

Johann Ebel b. 1629 < Margaretha Ebel b. 1860 < Hanss Peter Kern b. 1676 < Andrreas Kern b. 1699 < Christina Magdalena Kern b. 1734 < Maria Elisabetha Nolff b. 1753 < Katharina Elizabetha Störzbach b. 1781 < Johann Christoph Sieber b. 1815 < Katharine Rathgeber b. 1821 < Christina Bertha Sieber b. 1843 < Caroline Christiane Schott b. 1869 < Rudolf Laemmlen b. 1899 < Arthur Rudolf Laemmlen b. 1930 < Ann Laemmlen Lewis b. 1959

I have traced this family back 3 more generations, to where the records begin in the 1500s.   This line stays in the village of Grossgartach, for 12 generations that I know of, possibly longer!  My grandparents came to America from Grossgartach in 1929.

Wackershofen (87)Grossgartach, Meyers Gazetteer


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